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Age Appropriate Field Trips for Pre-Schoolers

Preschool Model

By: Krystle Crossman

Bringing preschool kids on field trips can be a fun and rewarding experience for them. Here are some great field trip ideas for little ones that will keep them entertained and teach them some things too!

1. Zoo: Little kids love animals and a zoo is full of different facts about animals that they can learn. Walking around is great exercise for them too.

2. Fire Station: Bringing little ones to the fire station can be very exciting for them. They will get to see the fire trucks up close and personal and may even get to climb inside one. They can learn about basic fire safety rules as well.

3. Police Station: Visiting a station is a good way for the kids to see heroes in action. They can see the cruisers, meet the K-9 units, and learn about safety rules. It is also a good time for them to learn that police officers are their friends and are there to help them if they are ever in trouble.

4. Park: Kids love going to the park. You can turn it into an education trip by teaching them about nature and they can also get some energy out while running around and playing.

5. Grocery Store: Here kids can learn all about healthy foods and how the grocery store runs.

6. Pumpkin Patches: There are all sorts of things for kids to do at a pumpkin patch from picking pumpkins, hay rides, apple picking, games, and playgrounds.

7. Children’s Museum: For a fully education experience the kids can go to a children’s museum. It is a great way for them to learn about science and math and is geared towards their age level. There are many fun experiments and toys that they can play with while learning.

8. Farm: Kids can watch farmers do what they do on a daily basis. They can learn about the animals and how things work at the farm. They may even get to see some baby chickens hatching!

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