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Entertaining and Educational Field Trips for Middle School Students


By: Krystle Crossman

When kids get older, field trips need to be informative but also need to capture their attention. When they are in middle school a zoo just isn’t as fun anymore. Here are some field trip ideas that will be fun yet educational at the same time.

1. Airport: Some airports no longer offer tours, but there are many that still do. They will take the kids through baggage claim, the ticketing counters, and security so they can learn all about flying and what goes into making sure the trips are safe.

2. Restaurant: Going to a restaurant can be fun because they get to go on a behind the scenes tour at a working kitchen. They can learn about safety when handling food and get to see how organized the team in the kitchen is.

3. Post Office: A tour through the post office will show the kids how the mail is sorted, where it goes once it is sorted, and can learn all about being a postal worker.

4. Wildlife Sanctuary: These sanctuaries are different from zoos because they don’t involve caged animals. These animals are in the wild in their own habitat. It is fun for the kids to learn about animal behaviors in the wild and fun for them to be able to spot an animal.

5. Amusement Park: Kids love rides, so what better way to spend an outing than going to a theme park? This will help them blow off some steam and have them ready to focus for the next day.

6. The Mall: While this may not seem like a place you would normally go for a field trips, there is a lot to be learned at a mall. The kids can learn about how the stores run their businesses from sales all the way to leasing out space.

7. Sporting Events: Live sports events are great for all ages. Many sports teams will have special days where they recognize the students in attendance for all their hard work at school and have giveaways too.

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