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Great Field Trips for High-School Students to Blow Off Some Steam


By: Krystle Crossman

High school kids can be hard to please when it comes to field trips, but here are some great ones to help them get away from the everyday stress of school and they may even sneak in a little education!

1. Government Offices: Here they can learn about the different political positions and what each of their functions is. They can see the inner workings of a government building and learn some history about their state as well.

2. Hospital: Some hospitals can offer a behind the scenes tour to show kids what happens every day and how the doctors and nurses work hard to save lives. It may give them an interest in medicine!

3. College Campus: Seeing how much fun other kids are having at college and learning about the different classes and fields of study can be a great motivator for a high school student.

4. Museum: Not all high school kids will be into a museum, but they will certainly learn something even if they don’t really want to be there. Natural history museums are fun and show a wide range of subjects so there is a little something for everyone.

5. Sporting Events: Even if they don’t like sports a live event is something that almost every kid will want to do. It gives them a chance to relax and hang out with their friends while being able to cheer on a team.

6. TV/Radio Station: Give them a behind the scenes look at the communication world. They can see how everything is put together and may even be able to give a practice weather report.

7. Newspaper: Seeing the news in action is extremely interesting. It is fun to see everything that goes into putting a newspaper together. It is especially neat for budding photographers who may be looking at going into journalism.

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