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Picking the Best Curriculum For Your Home-School

By: Krystle Crossman

When you start homeschooling your child it can be tough to decide what to teach them. You want to come up with a structured curriculum that will give them great education benefits. Looking at all of the information and all of the choices that you have can be a bit overwhelming but ultimately it comes down to what fits with your family the most.

You first need to ask yourself why you are homeschooling in the first place. Write out this purpose and turn it into a type of mission statement so that your goals will be clear. This may help you to eliminate certain curriculums that may not fit into your goals and values.

Next you should realize that you may change curriculums through the years to find the best one so don’t feel that homeschooling is a failure if you don’t find the perfect one right off the bat. There are many different styles of homeschooling. Some work well for certain kids but do not work well for others. For example a computer/online based curriculum may be great for a child who is a very visual learner, but something like unit study may be better for a child who likes structure and learns better from reading than seeing. You can go with a pre-packaged curriculum or you can create your own from a variety of workbooks and online programs.

Don’t forget that you should look over the laws in your state to see if there are any subjects that you absolutely must teach. After that you can figure out what will be the most beneficial and most interesting to your child. The basic subjects such as math and language should be covered above all else. There are over 100 different subjects that you can teach. Talk to your child to see what they would be interested in.

The cost of a curriculum can be tricky and can determine which you go with. Make a budget and plan out the resources that you will need. There is a lot of help and free tools available online as well. Another helpful tool in determining if a curriculum is right is to read reviews. But remember, no matter what anyone says, at the end of the day it is about being the best fit for your family.

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