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How to Raise a Confident and Empowered Girl – Part 1


By: Krystle Crossman

Powerful women were once powerful girls. How did they get that way? Good parenting. Here are some ways that you can help your daughter to grow and become a powerful girl.

1. Think about the values and beliefs that your family has and that you want her to learn and live every day. Think about what is most important to you and try to instill those values in her. She will grow up to live them and teach them to her children as well.

2. Sit with her and choose something she is passionate about and then help her to pursue that passion. If she loves to dance or play an instrument you can show her different lessons that she can take to help her further that passion. This can help to boost her self-esteem and will also teach her resilience and how to overcome challenges in life.

3. Don’t fix things for her. Help her and encourage her to solve the problem herself. She will be able to learn valuable problem-solving skills this way so that when she is older she will be much more self-sufficient. Let her make her own decisions when solving issues (within reason) and let her make some mistakes so that she can learn and grow from them. If everything is done for her in the early stages of her life she won’t know how to be self-sufficient when she is older.

4. Give her a voice. Let her have an opinion and make her own decisions. Let her tell you what activities she likes and what she doesn’t like and do not force her to do something she doesn’t like to do. Give her decisions that she has to make every day such as how to dress and what after-school activities she would like to become a part of. This will make her feel like she is important and is being heard.

5. When problems are solved together, there is more of a sense of accomplishment. Encourage her to be a part of a team or to work with a few others on a big project so that they can all feel that sense of pride when they figure it out.

6. Give her the freedom to disagree with you and to be angry at you. If she feels like she has to agree with everything that you say she will not have a mind of her own when she is older. Let her express her true feelings.

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