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Minority High School Students Have a Chance at Free Summer Education

minority studentsBy Yolanda Spivey

Philips Academy, a residential secondary school located in Andover, PA is giving minority students a once in a life time chance at education. The prestigious school is offering minority students with an immense interest in the areas of mathematics and science, an opportunity to harness those skills.

The (MS)2 program is a summer program aimed at giving economically disadvantaged African America, Latino and Native American high school students a chance to master their skills in the fields of math and science.

The program is not only rigorous but competitive—students who are interested must complete an application. After completing the application, they are hand selected to join the academy. Once selected, they will stay on Phillips Academy’s campus the same way college students stay on college campuses but for them, it will be free of charge. The current 2014 program runs from June 30 to August 3.

Founded in 1977, the (MS)2 program was designed to address the needs of students who had outstanding abilities in the fields of math and science.

In addition to this prestigious program, Phillips Academy offers academic programs to all students of various personal, social and intellectual developments. The academy is also committed to establishing a community that allows students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs to respect and encourage one another. As they state in their mission statement, “the school seeks to promote a balance of leadership, cooperation, and service, together with a deeper awareness of the global community and natural world.”

For more information on how to apply to the (MS)2 program offered at Phillips Academy, please visit their website at

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