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How to Raise a Confident and Empowered Girl – Part 2

By: Krystle Crossman

In the previous post we gave some advice on how to raise a powerful girl. Here are some more ways that you can empower your daughter.

1. Tell her you love her and let her know that you love her for who she is. This will help to build her self-esteem and will also allow her to feel love and share love with others.

2. Encourage her to take risks. If she is scared to learn how to ski or ice skate because she is afraid to get hurt, let her know that it is okay, everyone falls when they first learn how to do things like this. Encourage her to push her boundaries and get outside of her comfort zone. This will empower her to take risks when she is older and will allow her to become a leader and not a follower.

3. Help her understand what is going on in the news today. There are a lot of negative images that she will see. Try to help her understand them so she is well-informed.

4. Listen to her. The more you listen the more important she will feel. She will also learn to reflect more on what she has to say and will come up with more insightful dialogue.

5. Let her know that you are there for her and that you are available any time that she feels that she needs to talk. This open door policy will allow her to feel like she can come to you with any problem that she has and get your advice on it.

6. When you see girl fights, let her know what they are and talk about the differences between some girl relationships. Encourage her to find more constructive ways to deal with issues with another girl as opposed to physical violence or bullying.

7. Limit her exposure to political and media issues. She will be able to be more creative and form her own opinions as opposed to being barraged by opinions of others.

8. Tell her about the difference between s*x in real life and the s*x that you see in the movies. Make sure she knows the difference and knows that s*x is overdone in the movies.

9. Empathize with her when she has a problem and try and relate some of her problems with ones that you may have had in the past and let her know that there are constructive ways to deal with these problems.

10. Enjoy the time that you have with her. It is fun raising a strong and powerful girl so enjoy it!

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