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Tips For Parents Who Want Their Kids to be Confident Readers

A bedtime story

By: Krystle Crossman

It is natural to want your child to become a great reader at an early age. Some have trouble sometimes grasping the harder words, but there are things that you can do at home to help them to become more confident when they are reading their books.

1. Have them read to you. You don’t always have to be the bedtime storyteller! Let them read out loud and work with them on sounding out words that they may not know. Have them read a story to their siblings if they have any. This will help them to be confident in reading in front of a group.

2. Read a book out loud to your child. When they are young they can pick up the sounds of the words that you say from the repetition of reading (remember reading Goodnight Moon over, and over, and over again?). They will also be able to recognize some of the words in print since they are most likely looking at the words as you are reading them. Point to each word with your finger so they can follow along as you read.

3. Let your kids see you reading a book every now and then. If they see that you are reading books just for the fun of it, they may pick it up as well.

4. Always make sure you have books around the house. They are great for a rainy day. It is also good to have them there in case your child needs help with their reading and needs a book to practice with.

5. Let them pick the stories they want to read. If you force them to try and read about a subject they are not interested in, they will not enjoy reading. However if you let them pick the book they will comprehend the story better.

6. Give them a little push into something more challenging every now and then. If they are younger, try a small chapter book with them to see how far they can get. If they are older advance to books with longer chapters or more depth to the stories.

7. Make reading a daily thing. If you read with your children every day it will become a routine for them and they will continue to read all the time!

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