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Amazing: Home-schoolers Send Six of Their Ten Kids To College By Age 12


By: Krystle Crossman

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding have 10 children. Out of those ten children, six of them were enrolled in college by age 12! Were these kids born geniuses? No. Their parents say that they had normal IQs but largely attribute their children’s success to homeschooling.

When the Harding’s oldest daughter finished third grade they began to homeschool their children. Kip was in the military at that time. They thought it would be best to homeschool in case they had to travel or move in the middle of the school year. This way they felt that their children could still stay ahead of the game even if they had to take some time off when things got a little hectic. It appeared to work!

At age 12 their oldest daughter Hannah was so good at math that she completed a college algebra course (which earned her college credits) and got a B in the class. Pretty soon after that she was enrolled in college full time and her siblings followed along. Mona Lisa was the teacher at home, Kip was around for moral support for all of their children.

Their 22 year old daughter Serennah is a doctor at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. She says that if she had to do it over she wouldn’t change a thing. The kids said that starting college that much earlier than their peers meant that they had more time in life to follow their dreams and realize their goals much sooner.

Serennah said that she felt lucky that they had parents that cared so much about what they wanted out of life and what their children’s passions were that they didn’t get in the way or hold them back from anything.

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