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Surprised? 65% of Harvard Freshmen Have Never had $ex

downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Some surprising facts about the new class of Harvard University came out during a study of the freshman class of 2013. The Harvard Crimson which is the university’s school paper uncovered some interesting statistics about the incoming class. Mostly the statistics were about money and the ridiculous amount that the Harvard grads can expect to bank after they are done with school. One of the more interesting statistics showed that 65% of the new class were still v!rgins.

Out of the 35% of students that had actually had s*x before they started college, 81% said that they had lost the big V in high school. Out of that 81%, 62% say that they have only had one partner. The statistics for the sports students was even more interesting, wiping away stereotypes that all “jocks” are s*x-crazed as TV and movies make them seem. Of the “jocks” that enrolled in Harvard for freshman year only 52% had had s*x before.

Some other interesting facts came from the Crimson’s article as well:

– Only one in six homeschooled students had done the deed

– Men were more likely to have had s*x. On average they reported having 1.97 partners while women reported1.7.

– There were seven men that took the survey that said they have had s*x with at least 10 women. This goes to show that there could be a lot of lies on the survey.

– Public school students were less likely to do the deed as opposed to their private school counterparts.

But while the new class may not have as much experience in the bedroom as stereotypes may have us believe, they certainly are no strangers to alcohol. Over 60% of the students said that they had had a drink before college and 35% said that they drink at least once a month.

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