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Charter School Educator Says She Was Fired For Standing Up For Her Students

downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Noelle Roni was a principal at Peak to Peak Elementary School for over eight years. She was then fired suddenly. She says that it’s because she tried to put a stop to a lunchtime practice that was embarrassing children and making them not want to even go through the line at lunch because they felt shamed.

Most schools are adopting an account for every student that they pay for their school lunch with. When there is a negative balance in that account most schools will send a letter to or call the child’s parents to let them know. But Peak to Peak Elementary was different. It is a charter school, so it does not have to follow all of the policies that a public school does. Their policy is that when a child doesn’t have enough money in their account to pay for their lunch they are given a giant stamp on their hand. Roni said that she had seen children that were so humiliated and embarrassed by this practice that they were sometimes too afraid to go through the lunch line. It made them feel ostracized among their peers.

After Roni was terminated, a group of parents banded together and formed the Concerned Parents of Peak to Peak which is a group that is trying to restore trust between the parents and the teachers in the wake of this abrupt firing. They are also trying to recall two of the board members that were responsible for Roni’s firing. The parents say that even if Roni cannot be reinstated as principal they still want to help get her previously untarnished reputation back to the way it was as she is an excellent principal.

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