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Dr. Boyce: Depending on White Institutions to Teach Black History is Like Letting them Poison Your Children’s Brains

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I did an interview recently discussing the extraordinary life of activist poet Amiri Baraka. Baraka was a man of courage, dignity and commitment who paved the way for all of us to be stronger than we’ve ever been before.   Baraka’s life was full of many of the ups and downs that we fear might come from being identified as a “trouble making negro,” and I am inspired by the fact that he survived.

I mention brother Baraka because most black youth don’t know him.  If they’ve heard his name, they have no idea what he actually accomplished.  The potential erasure of brother Baraka from the memory banks of the masses is no accident, for they’ve done it thousands of times before.  In fact, Baraka’s life is erased from our memory for the same reason that they will never teach your child that black babies were once used as alligator bait.

These are the stories that will never be told in the public school system, which seems to think that black history started with slavery, progressed with a passive civil rights movement and ended with our first black president.  We’re taught that integration brought in an era of Utopian equality.  Baraka won’t likely be featured on a McDonald’s commercial during Black History Month.  He will never be the kind of black American hero to be stamped, approved and validated by an establishment that has committed itself to the psychological colonization of black people in America.

But when you think about it, oppressing the memory of Baraka actually makes perfect sense.  If you are in a position of power, why in the world would you encourage a “lesser” class of people to challenge your authority?  Why in the world would you want to inspire them to command opportunities and outcomes that are equivalent to your own?   It makes almost no sense whatsoever that the pre-existing power structure would do anything OTHER than promote leaders who are consistent with the policies and objectives of the undeniably racist establishment (watch the second installment of the film “The Hunger Games” to understand mind games that are used to oppress large groups of people).

The point here is that black people must walk away from the habit of looking to white America to tell us who our leaders and important historical figures are going to be. Most black people who love President Barack Obama didn’t start voting for him until he was able to win in Iowa, a state that is majority white.  We typically begin to love celebrities when they’ve been embraced in mainstream (read: white-controlled) media.  We tend to give more respect to those of us who’ve gone into white-male dominated corporate America and achieved positions of prominence (Black entrepreneurship is incredibly low because we’ve long been trained to work for other people).

Let’s be clear:  Waiting the descendants of your historical oppressors to validate your leaders is like the lion allowing the hunter to tell him which path to take every morning.   There is no incentive, whatsoever, for the oppressive establishment to teach our children about men like Brother Baraka, nor is it their job.  Instead, it is our job as parents to teach our kids about their heroes and to also teach them to have enough self-respect to ignore docile, manipulative black public figures who’ve been fed to them by mass media.

The Internet changes the game.  By virtue of a simple Google search, you can find out almost anything you’ve ever wanted to know about every black historical concept imaginable.   You can read articles by empowered thinkers like Dr. Wilmer Leon, Yvette Carnell or Dr. Umar Johnson, who may never get a chance to host a show on MSNBC.  You can teach YOUR kids, YOUR way so that they are not sucked into a line of thinking which makes them believe that blackness is something that needs to be washed off like dirt or some kind of disease.   They must know that they are wonderful just the way they are.

Homeschool your kids, even if they attend another school during the day.  This is part of the New Paradigm for Black America.  Teach them at night, on weekends and during the summers.  Teach them to be excellent in everything they do so that they enter the world with the strength to crush any racist obstacle that might lie in their way.  The parent is the first teacher and the first role model, so you are the guardian of their universe.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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18 thoughts on “Dr. Boyce: Depending on White Institutions to Teach Black History is Like Letting them Poison Your Children’s Brains

  1. howardbranscombe

    i love dr boyce watkins i agree with him
    totally even though i am white and canad
    ian live in brampton ontario i read his writ
    ing love what writes and bastly he right
    about everything although canada is not same as usa we have more
    equility but can have improvement.
    ps i love to read black history we all god children pray for us all

  2. Floyd

    It is impossible for the general white public to accurately teach Black people history because their form of racism was their means of survival in America.
    Their survival included the increase of wealth and power.

    Since we are here in America, and its our country as much as any one else, we have to teach our children to learn how to learn and survive in this racist system.
    It can be done the same as the Wildebeests learn how to survive and progress among the lions. Its like the deer surviving among the wolves. Then we can do the same, survive and grow among racism. At the same time we need to be prepared for the inevitable conflict after our progress reaches a trigger level for them. Our biggest assets today is not so much financial, but the education and upbringing of our children.

  3. Betty

    Dr. Boyce, I can’t believe what I’m reading. Once again, your focus on what you’re saying may be
    beneficial where you are. However, the hands of time has left us once again on the plantation with
    the alligator story. The 21st century generation have too much academically and socially to catch up in the halls of ACADEMIA. WHAT YOU finalize
    at the end of your article here is what the Hispanic culture have been doing here in the south and other
    regions for the last twenty or so years. So like them when it comes to.the prison system and politics of this country is where our focus needs to be. After the civil rights movemet 50 years agp, we
    failed to rectify and solidfy the constututional and instititional policies, structure and guidelines to our students. This is why there aren’t many faces behind President Obama that look like you and I.
    He was ready. We were not and are too.far behind
    to catch up, especially if we continue to address the
    past and not look directly at where we are and what
    stuff(meaning AA’s) do we have to channel into the
    core fabric of this country? Are they here? Are they
    ready as President OBAMA seem to be until the class of one color has left the house white with one
    chocolate drop. I’m passionate about education and educating people who need it. But, you see therr is
    a slight problem. I need to talk to you brother, face
    to face. I am a very civil-minded educator, just passionate because, I too, was forced to walk the path Baraka walked. Health wise, I need someone
    to lean on.
    You are adamantly correct about your views.. However, I’m looking from a different perspective
    with different experiences that even cross the oceans. Let’s challenge massive numbers of college students, high school graduates, Ph.D’s
    to undertake positioning themselves for seats in
    Congress, the local, state and international endeavors. Hats Off to senator Aaron Ford in Las Vegas. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. And the
    brother is working, his wife is working(lawyer) and
    he has four trailblazing sons for which are already
    knocking door to door, working the community
    with and for.their father. That’s where we should be
    in masses all over this country.
    I concur, you are on point once again. It starts at
    home with those who are ready snd those who aspire to meet the challenges.

    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. . .

  4. Rev. George Brooks

    Boyce Watkins, when will you speak to the brainwashing that BET is doing to our young blacks, and old as well, who watch that mess that is controlled mainly by a Jew, Sumner Redstone, who is the major owner. But while he and other Jews are the major owners and decision-makers that decides what is shown on the channel, and what is not, they have an almost white Negro woman, Debra Lee, as the “out front” person. But none of our black leaders, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, members of Congress, preachers, or Boyce Watkins and others on black websites and the media, will say ANYTHING about these anti-Jesus Jews, who are not only controlling our black media, and other businesses, but also President Obama. Now when will Your Black World speak to this? And call off the names of the enemies of black people.– Rev. George Brooks

  5. Rev. George Brooks

    Boyce Watkins, why do you put out information about your 8 principles book, but you NEVER provide the names of the people that supposedly say great things about your message. So I have come to the conclusion that you have become just another “slick Willie” who is running a hustle game on black folks. So doc, please come clean with all of us who are trying to put our trust in you, and this website. And please also list ALL of the names of ALL of the owners of Your Black World, and hopefully there are NO Jews or other whites involved. — Rev. George Brooks

  6. Susan Pinto

    My name is Susan Pinto. I am a multicultural woman. My Father was Black, My Mom is White and Jewish. I was raised in a Jewish Home. I embrace all of me, even my Jewishness. I raised my Nigerian/American Son in a Jewish Household. This year, he will turn 31yrs and I am very Proud of him and his accomplishments. He embraces his Jewishness even though it brings a double-edged sword in his day to day activities. It gets quite tiresome to hear about the conflicts we face everyday not only as being Jewish but also living the Black experience everyday of our lives. When I hear about the conflicts in Brooklyn, NY my hometown, between the African-Americans and the Jewish Folks, it brings heartache to my soul. I don’t understand, instead of hurting each other why don’t we learn from each other. I admit that my Mom is a very successful Business Woman even at 71yrs old. My Mom has been preparing me to become successful and not have to depend on anyone for financial success. I have a wealth of creativity that has helped me through my life as a Divorced Single Mother; My Son never wanted for anything and I was able to keep him in a very Good Jewish Day School. I believe the time he spent there has enriched his life in many ways. He cherishes the Family he was born into and has provided him with much Love and Concern for not just the Jewish community but through the African Community as well. Because of all the home Training my Son received
    He is now a fine Business Man, who runs his Fathers Business and handles all of his Fathers property. I am very proud of my Son; he is one of the most Compassionate Men I know and shares those attributes in the community where he lives. (Newark, New Jersey) His Grandmother is also teaching Him everything about Business that she has experienced through her years.
    If the African-American Community and the Jewish Community would lay down their arms for just a second they would realize that our lives are very much alike. Instead of wasting time fussing over petty issues, I believe we could learn about not just being successful in Business, but being successful in raising our Children to not see those differences but to see the similarities in each of our communities.

  7. Craig aka Trouble

    Dr. Watkins,
    I’m glad you mentioned brother Baraka and people like him that are demonized in this society. However, you erred on the side of logic when you stated that the people in power have no incentive to teach us about the Baraka’s of the world. The incentive for them to teach us about the “truth” is that our youth will respect them and themselves more than they do today. If they realize that their education and history was built on lies they will not trust anyone including themselves. They they will never reach their full potential. We must all work to have the ‘truth” taught in our schools which means about those that bucked the system as well as those that worked with it. Anything less is a disservice to the next generation..

  8. Charles Micheaux

    I consider myself one of the top five scholars in the world on the life of the great
    Dr. George Washington Carver; who happens to be the most accomplished
    American of the 20th century.

    George Washington Carver is more accomplished that Thomas Edison and
    Henry Ford, you can combine both men in their accomplishments and together they do not match up with George Washington Carver.

    Dr. Carver was CASTRATED by some sick White Racist.

    The White historians will not tell you about this because they are ASHAMED
    of their TRUE history and legacy.

    • charles

      Goerge Washington Carver was a Boule, which shows once again what this society thinks of our finest and brightest .I know, you know not of what I speak.

    • James Pollock

      There is speculation that he was castrated at around age 7 by his white adoptive parents, due to his high-pitched voice and lack of interest in women as an adult. He was sickly as a child and that could have left him with damaged vocal cords. He had profuse facial hair as an adult and young boys who have been castrated never produce enough testosterone to grow beards. You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading malicious, divisive, and disgusting nonsense.

  9. Ar

    Dr. Watkins,
    You sir hit it on the head, even now we see that more and more information about our history is being brought to the masses through websites , such as this one. In the past unless you knew someone with knowledge about our race, many was left clueless to the accomplishments and real history of Black people. We need more of our people with money backing these movies that will tell our history. I remember some years ago there was talk about a Nat Turner movie, but hollywood rejected the ideal, but we have Django. Some of the facts I read online on black sites, when repeated to other Blacks, many have no ideal about our history. Leaving this cause in the hands of the white race solely, will only continue to whitewash our history from the truth.


  10. Stephen Beasley

    I disgree. If you had said this a couple decades ago, I would have agreed. I’m white and I do not teach white centrist anything. I’m more positive towards black culture than white culture in regards to this particular subject, because I know in the 60s and 70s, we were all taught white history and just a few tidbits of black history., When I teach American history, I teach it beginning with Native American culture, then I go into a Spanish culture and then black culture (primary African but it varies as some blacks are from other nations) into other cultures that arrived in the North America and how each culture impacted America. I believe that’s the way all schools should teach. history.


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