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Principal Makes $130K a Year as Her School Falls Apart

By Yolanda Spivey

The New York Post is reporting on a public elementary school in Far Rockaway Queens that is in a pure chaotic condition.  P.S. 106 is under investigation for a plethora of foul conditions that are violating school code.

The principal, Marcella Sills, who runs the school, is a no show on most days.  And when she does show up, it’s usually after 11am.  Last week she showed up only once and it was after school hours.

In addition to having an absent principal, parents and teachers are complaining that the school has no math, reading or writing books for the children.  Here is a list of other infractions:

  • The 234 kids get no gym or art classes. Instead, they watch movies every day.
  • The school nurse doesn’t have an office equipped with a sink, refrigerator or cot.
  • The library is a junk room and is in complete disarray.
  • Substitute teachers aren’t hired when permanent teachers are absent.  Instead, students are divided amongst other classes.
  • There are no teacher’s aids in special needs classes.
  • Kindergartners are subjected to sit in dilapidated rat-infested trailers that are filled with animal feces and urine.
  • With no math or reading programs, teachers are left to print educational curriculums off the internet or buy books on their own.

Staff personnel is afraid to speak up for fear principal Sills will retaliate against them. Many parents state that Sills is “very unprofessional,” and they have been unsuccessful in trying to reach her.  The New York Post tried to call Sills, but she hung up on a reporter.

A spokes person for the school is denying the allegations and the board of education refuse to comment on what’s going on. Parents question whether or not higher-ups actually know what’s occurring at the school.

The ones who are hurting the most are the children. Charm Russell, a 10 year old students told The New York Post that she misses gym and dislikes watching movies every day. She states, “I like gym. I like to draw. They’re (her fellow schoolmates) always making noise, and there’s nothing entertaining going on. No art, no gym, no music class.”

Parents also feel that the school is doing a big disservice to the children.  When referencing the Board of Education, Michael Moore, a father of a second grader stated, “Why don’t they get on them? I don’t understand that.”

Another father, Roland Legions, added. “They’re not doing right by the kids.”

The person at the height of this scandal, 48 year old principal Marcella Sills was last seen Wednesday leaving her home wearing a luxurious fur coat.  She got into her BMW and drove away.

“She should be here,” one mom said. “How is she going to run the school if she’s not here?”

The New York Post reports that “PS 106 is allocated $2.9 million to serve a low-income population with 98 percent of its students eligible for free lunches. As a Title 1 school, it gets extra federal funds, but community members say they’ve never seen a budget tracking the income and spending.”

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16 thoughts on “Principal Makes $130K a Year as Her School Falls Apart

  1. Nato2

    As I read this, I don’t find it amusing nor extraordinary. I teach at an well-known HBCU and this attitude is pervasive and persistent. No one and I mean no one care if students learn anything, only if they pay tuition, faculty is paid well, staff is paid well and some maintain their stellar positions of deans and chairs. They don’t really teach anything, some student complain, others are ok as long as they get their degrees. Some disagree with it, just like the janitors in your story, but the fear of losing one’s job prevent us from voicing opinions.

  2. frank

    She,isn’t the only one responsible, that part of a school system that has a superintendent as well as a board of education rep. There should be periodic checks by the curriculum supt as well as maintence dept. the city is also responsible.

  3. Mr Napalm

    Thats right leave it to the illogical Negro bed wench to lead our children further down the road if destruction by actually not working and helping the kids but just showing up for a check to buy furs and make cadillac the no. 1 car dealership in america, damn shame!!!

  4. Weslin1

    Yeah she pimping the system, the school board & the supertindent. They will not do anything yet because it ‘s only minority kids as afar as they are concern. She probably got here degree from Kmart or Walmart. “Sorry about to the stores; they probably wouldn’t let her buy one”.

  5. Devo

    60 years ago black parents risked their lives and their kids lives to integrate white schools. 60 years later, black parent won’t risk anything to predominately black schools their kids attend. You parents should be in the streets DEMANDING improvements in your kids schools and holding all responsible for the conditon these schools are in. Yall should be handling this sheit by any means necessary instead of wringing your hands or trying and lying to sneak your kids into schools where you dont reside and pay taxes. Meanwhile those parents are sending their kids to to this raggedy azz rat infested school. In 60 years black people went from strong to weak as hell.

  6. Ritchie M.

    All too often, Black children are left to languish in mediocrity, and parents are ill-equipped to change the system. Unfortunately, the principal may have a binding contract with the district, where she will get paid, whether or not she is assigned to the school. I would actually question members of the school board that accepted her resume and credentials to lead a school. Will the local school board intervene? Only if members are threatened politically. Is the principat atypical of systematic efforts to deny Black children equal access to education..maybe. However, she is criminally negligible for eroding the confidence in the state of New York to properly educated its children. Maybe parents should sue the principal in civil court to bring more awareness to the problem.

  7. Ormash

    We have become our own worse enemy. The school system will probably support the principal because many “successful” negroes have no sympathy or empathy towards those they consider expendable. Take a good look at the woman, even with her mink and eye liner she don’t look wholesome.

  8. Adrian Watkins

    I aggree 1000% with everyones comments concerning this travestry. This woman along with the entire school board should be prosecuted!! We have to ensure our childrens success and in order to do that we must get directly involved in their educational experiences. We need another Dr. King. It looks like we’ve completely sold out. Somebody should beat that principals ass!

  9. Wilson

    This is a total disgrace. How can this happen? and who is watching the store? She is called a principle? this persopn is greedy and simply does not care, and the school system itself needs to be investigated.


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