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Wow: This 10 Year Old TED Speaker and “President” Has Some Great Advice For You

downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Robby Novak has made a name for himself as the “Kid President”. He is an inspirational and motivational speaker at TED conferences. Amazingly Novak is only 10 years old. He has some words for the people out there and almost 27 million have viewed his powerful speech on Youtube. Here are five things that he suggests that we all do to be happier in life.

1. “Mom upside down is Wow”: Robby says that he wishes that every mother knew how great she really was. He says that mothers are truly amazing and sometimes it is hard for children to really express that.

2. “Hug more and shout less”: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Shouting can only lead to more hostility than is necessary. Hugs make almost everyone happy.

3. “If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?”: We all need to work together instead of fighting with each other. Problems get solved with teamwork. Great ideas may start with one person but they come to fruition with the help of a team.

4. “Dance already!”: When life gets hard, get up and move. Robby has brittle bone disease and says that he has had over 70 breaks since birth. Yet he still finds the time and the strength to get up and dance every now and then. Dancing helps to improve your mood and has great health benefits!

5. “Be more awesome”: Plain and simple, being awesome is just how everyone should live. Robby says that everyone can be boring but that doesn’t mean that they need to be! Even if you are an adult there is always time to break out a little awesome. It will make you feel better and will make those around you feel better too. You may even make some new friends while you are out being awesome.

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