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Just as Not Every Family Is Cut Out For Full-time Home-schooling, Not Every Family is Cut Out For Public School

For many people home-schooling is something they have not considered and for yet others, it is something they have thought about and decided against; maybe even tried and decided against.

The problem that many home-schoolers run into though, is that they are misunderstood, and if they are in Germany, there is a good chance they will have their children taken away from them and put back in the very same public school system they did not want them to be in.

Kevin D. Williamson, writing for points out that those who are of the opinion that home-schooling is not for everybody should also then be able to consider that public school is not for everybody either. Just as it would be horrible to impose home-schooling on every family, governments, such as the German government who do not allow homeschooling, should not be able to impose publc school on families who want to home-school.

According to Williamson,

If you’ve ever spent any time around homeschool parents (or kids), one of the first things they will tell you is that homeschooling is not for everybody. Not every parent is cut out for homeschooling; more important, neither is every kid.

That is why, unlike those who wish to suppress homeschooling, homeschool parents are rarely if ever heard demanding that the government pass a law demanding that every other family in the country do things the way they do. Unlike our German friends, homeschool parents do not wish to seize custody of other people’s children simply because they prefer a different model of education. The irony here is that more than a few of our public schools are so dangerous and dysfunctional that sending one’s children there really ought to be considered an act of neglect, if not for the fact that those poor parents have practically no choice in the matter.

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