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Disrespectful? Some Districts Forcing Kids to Go To School on MLK Day

by David Miller

Martin Luther King Day is a hard-fought federal holiday designed to recognize the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  But some school districts are being questioned about their decision to dump the holiday this year in order to make up for snow days.

The polar vortex of early January has caused a lot of districts to decide that King Day would be the perfect time to let kids get caught up with school.  The Indy Star is expressing concern about school districts in Indiana that are forcing their kids to come to class on the holiday.

According to Indystar, Avon, Center Grove, Greenfield, Lebanon, Plainfield, Westfield and Western Boone are among many districts holding classes on King Day.

Typically, Presidents Day is used as the makeup day.   The change has not gone unnoticed by parents and members of the community, who find this to be an outrage.

Mark Russell, director of education, family services and housing at the Indianapolis Urban League, says that the decision to force kids in school on King Day is reflective of the disrespect that the districts have for Dr. King’s struggles.

“Given the history of this nation and the unique role that race and race relations has played from its inception, this one long-hard-fought-for holiday — I would hope there would be some recognition that this is not just another holiday,” he said.

It was determined that part of the reason that districts are making kids attend school on King day is because they believe the holiday is for black people only. Most of the districts that are not acknowledging the holiday have low representation of African American students.   The largest district in the state, Indianapolis Public Schools, has allowed its children to take the day off, and considers it taboo to make kids come to school on such an important holiday.

You can read more here. 

What do you think?  Is this disrespectful of Dr. King’s legacy?

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6 thoughts on “Disrespectful? Some Districts Forcing Kids to Go To School on MLK Day

  1. James Tucker

    In Colorado, there are schools in rural areas and small towns that disrespect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Holiday by forcing students to attend classes. In addition, nationwide government officials and lawmakers don’t honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because they refuse to enforce civil rights laws. Don’t forget this is the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty and Civil Rights Act of 1964 and they support illegal activities by allowing agencies and organization to discriminate against Black communities.

    The questions are simple. Where do we go from here? Why are government officials and lawmakers at local, county, state and national levels not held accountable to enforce Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They support Civil Rights Violators. (see partial list of some violators at ***) They also support corruption in EEOC and other government agencies. Read the African American Voice and support organizations and Black leaders fight for justice and equality.

    I am fearless and challenge government officials and lawmakers to do the right thing.

    James Tucker
    Black Communities United for Progress


    Some white people will dis. any black person. If we ever get that in our head a lots of white people in power will always keep a foot on your neck.

  3. William Leonard

    I am not a bit surprise of what may take place when it come to a day for a man of color when his belief was to love all people and to receive the rights just like every one else in this country. Strange how people of color were force to serve in the military and wasn’t allowed to eat at certain restaurants and not able to purchase homes in certain neighbor hood. People of color not the only ones that commits crimes they are the only one that are expose on the six o’clock news.

  4. KM

    They used today as a snow make-up day in my district. The rationale was that we may need to take another snow day or two in the upcoming weeks (we’re in the snow belt)

  5. Amazing Grace

    Those that live within Indiana should hold their congress folk responsible for disrespecting the observance of MLK’s Federal holiday. Don’t sit on your hands, demand better of your school district(s).

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