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Let’s Help Our Kids Avoid the Merry-Go-Round of Academic Death

By Dr. Boyce Watkins

People ask me why I think that every black child in America should be homeschooled.  I laid out the idea as part of our New Paradigm Movement, where our goal is to consider 21st century solutions to the problems that have plagued our community since we first arrived on slave ships.

The first thing I explain is that by “homeschooling,” I don’t mean that all of our children should be taken out of their schools.  That’s up to the parents.  What I mean is that every black parent should occupy the minds of their children and stop depending on the descendants of their historical oppressors to shape their most valuable commodities.

Let’s face it, our educational system is a mess.  American children of all races are falling behind the rest of the world, and it’s only appearing to get worse. The best thing a black parent can do is take their children off the merry-go-round of academic death and make sure that their children are learning the things they need to know in order to become intelligent, empowered and productive members of society.  You can get most of this information from the Internet.

By “homeschool” I am referring to a consistent pattern of academic development which takes place outside the school system.  This can occur during the weekends, at night and during the summers.

During this educational process, parents should give their children small rewards for writing short reports on black historical figures and events.  They should have their children learning how to buy a home, how to invest money, how to be a good husband/wife or father/mother.   This is the time when you mold them into what they need to become in order to survive in a society that is designed to oppress them.  If you don’t define who your children are going to be, someone else will.

So, let’s all homeschool our kids together.  Teach them to value education as if their lives depend on it.  But most importantly, help them learn the difference between going to school and actually being educated.  They are not always the same thing.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD, Financial contributor to Jet Magazine, and author of the book, “Everything you ever wanted to know about college”. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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