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Home Management Tips For Busy Moms and Suggested Chores For Kids

By: Krystle Crossman

Sally Clarkson is a mother that home-schools her children. She describes being up in the morning and ready to go with their lessons all planned out for the day and then she notices the disarray in her home. This happens to the best of mothers; sometimes there is just no time to keep up with all of the clutter that accumulates in a house with children. This is where time management and good housekeeping skills come in to play. Clarkson says that in order to effectively teach children from the home, they need to have a place that is peaceful and has minimal distractions.

You can have your children help around the house. This will free up some of your time and will also teach them responsibility and skills that they will need when they are grown. Younger children can do chores such as:

– Feed pets
– Do the dishes
– Empty the dishwasher
– Fold clothes
– Clean the sink and mirrors
– Vacuum
– Set the table
– Clean their room
– Make their bed

Older children can have bigger chores such as cleaning an entire room or taking out the trash. Try to have them do chores every day but make sure that if there is a day that someone is sick or highly irritable that you don’t put extra stress by enforcing strict chore rules. There will be days where these things don’t get done and that is okay. The house will not fall apart in one day.

By teaching your children to help with home management, you are helping them and you are helping yourself. You are showing them important tasks that must be done around the house when they are on their own. As they get older and they ask for things like money or to use the car, they can do chores in order to get these rewards. It will teach them to work hard for what they want instead of things just being handed to them. It will help you as well because there will be less to manage and more time for you to get other things done that they cannot help with.

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