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What To Do If You Suspect Your Child Was $exually Abused

By: Krystle Crossman

To find out that your child is being or has been $exually abused is devastating for any parent. Read on to find out what you should do if you suspect that your child or a child you know is being abused.

There are certain behaviors that your child will exhibit as they grow and mature, but there are some s*xual behaviors that may show earlier than they should if the child is being abused. Some of these behaviors are:

Preschool to 5 years old:

–         They commonly refer to gen!tals in childish terms, never graphic or explicit terms

–         They commonly touch or rub their privates but do not understand what it means. They should not exhibit behavior where they touch another child.

–         They are usually in the dark about s*xual terms and adult references. If they have more knowledge than they should, there may be something going on.

 School-age children from 6-12 years:

–         They commonly have questions about s*xuality and the opposite s*x. They do not normally have adult knowledge of the subject.

–         They may [email protected] in private when they are older, but if something is going on in their lives they may do it in public.

The above is true for adolescents as well.

If you see some of these behaviors it may be time to start looking into what is going on in the child’s life. Take a close look at others who are around them and look at the warning signs. If you do find out that the child is being abused, what do you do from there?

First, before anything is even suspected, a family plan should be in place in case something like this does happen. If you think you know who the person is that is doing this to the child it is advised that you call either the police or Child Protective Services.

If you cannot do either of those you can try to confront the person yourself, but it will most likely not go over well and you will probably not get the truth from the person that you are accusing. There are hotlines that you can call such as the Stop It Now hotline that can give you advice and support on how to go about doing this.

Do not wait it out. Don’t sit back and not take any action. This is something that needs to be reported no matter who is doing it. The child is in danger and something will need to be done right away so if you find out that this is happening to a child that you know, take action immediately. You could end up saving that child’s life.

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