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NY Senator Says All Kids Should Have Psychological Exams Before They Enter Kindergarten

By: Krystle Crossman

NY State Senator Margaret Markey has introduced a Senate Bill back into light that would require all children entering school to undergo a psychological evaluation. This bill is known as Senate Bill A8186-2013. It was first referred to the education committee by Markey in 2013 and now she is referring it again.

The children would be required to undergo two medical evaluations in elementary school and then two more in the secondary grades. After the evaluation, they must receive a certificate that states that they are mentally fit to handle the challenges of going to public school. If they do not get a certificate, they do not attend public school. Many are extremely opposed to this because they feel that psychology is not a science and having to take this test could be traumatizing and invasive for children, especially those about to go into kindergarten.

One of the biggest problems that activists are having with this new bill is the fact that if a child is sad or lonely, they are automatically slapped with a diagnosis of something like clinical depression which is most of the time the furthest thing from the truth. The child just may be sad and lonely for other reasons but depression usually is not one of them, especially younger children. The psychologist will look at a child and see that they have some little tweak in their personality and will assign them to a disorder. What they need to consider is that all young kids are different and little quirks in their behavior do not automatically mean that they are mentally ill or unstable.

The activists say that this is just another way for the government to gain control over everything in people’s lives. Some of the politicians that support bills like this are just uninformed and don’t really have a lot of information on mental illness or what a child who is actually mentally ill is like. The other politicians see it as a way to become more intrusive than they already are in people’s everyday lives.

What do you think? Is this bill a good idea or something that should be put back on the shelves for good?

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9 thoughts on “NY Senator Says All Kids Should Have Psychological Exams Before They Enter Kindergarten

  1. James Roseau--Danbury, CT

    Psychology is not a science; it is simply a well rooted economic niche that further allows the savy, greedy, and heartless to exploit the dumb, hopeless, and/or needy by providing them with baseless diagnosis. All doubters of this fact may easily check out the origin and/or history of this pseudo science.

  2. AfroTapp

    The argument isn’t whether or not psychology is a science, the argument is why are legislatures yet again trying to dismantle public education. Underfund initiatives, unfund arts, sports and extra curricular activities and now put road blocks up to allow kids to get an education. I question the motivedbof the Senator, but please stay on topic and don’t get hoodwinked into an argument that isn’t there. (I don’t mean in the article, its a political trick of framing the argument).

  3. Nick Westbrooks

    An important book to read that I recently finished is Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys by Umar Johnson. Although some children legitimately have mental disorders that should be taken seriously, many of our children are intentionally misdiagnosed as a way to marginalize them, and this this is just another tactic to intensify and refine the strategies of educational racism.

    We already they that would be affected by this the most if it were to be enacted. The Senator is probably thinking, if we can pass this bill psychologically evaluate these children and diagnose them with clinical depression or something, then we can weed out the “undesirables” while we mis-educate the rest. This is an attack on Black children. Don’t sleep!

  4. Devon

    Look real talk when we lived in Newark if my mom and dad had tried to sneak us into good schools in other NJ areas they would have been arrested and went to prison. When we moved to Morristown of course we could attend those schools because they bought a house out here and are residents and pay these high azz taxes.. NJ has strict policy on people trying to steal education from the residents out here who pay high taxes, its not fair to us! I bought a house out here and the schools are great here! We work hard to live in nice areas and people with kids want their kids to have a quality education. Any parent who gets caught trying to sneak their kids over here will get arrested and go to prison, they are not playing out here. More real talk, its majority white in towns like Morristown and Lawrenceville, but its a few blacks and asians out here too and NONE OF US want kids out here from the urban areas, we dont want unruly undisciplined kids with no home training in the schools and even though Im not married and dont have kids yet I feel the same way. We dont want these schools out here turning into the schools in the hood and we dont want unruly kids disrupting the learning of the kids here. Plus we dont want the violence that some of those bad azz kids are gonna bring here. We pay high taxes and work too hard to live in a nice neighborhood to see it get messed up. So if parents dont want to go to prison dont send your kids to schools where they dont belong (UNLESS THE PARENTS LIVE HERE AND ARE PULLING THEIR OWN WEIGHT AND PAYING THEIR TAXES). Demand your OWN schools are brought up to standard. And stop stealing education and class seats yall dont pay taxes for you will get locked up and I wont feel bad about it because its breaking the law.

    • Reneegede

      I got news for you. You don’t OWN any education for there to BE any TO STEAL. Who died and made you and your house God?

  5. Reneegede

    Oh GOODY, LEVERAGE!!! Because all judges, police officers, and public officials should also have psychological exams and a thorough BACKGROUND check for all relations to racist and terrorist organizations before they are allowed to enter any government office. AND drug tests for ALL public officials.

  6. sweet1

    My comment is to Devon, you are saying that all children that grow up in the hood have no home training and are undisciplined. This is the exact mentality that stifle us as a people. I live “in the hood” and yet none of the things you said about children who grow up in the hood apply to my children. It’s not where you live that dictates how you rear your children. My children attend private school where they’re the only minorities in their class and I think they’re getting to see both worlds. A whole lot comes with living in the suburbs and attending private school like RACISM which is REALITY in todays world. I refuse to pay higher taxes for a community who thinks of our children as inferior, yet I’m willing to pay for my children to attend the best school that money can buy because their education is a priority. It’s not where you live but how you live.

  7. Love Peace Joy

    When we remain Silent,
    We Remain Victims Of Injustice!

    This is a smart legit way to reverse Brown vs Wade.

    We Remain Silent
    When it was proven that the Pipeline To Prison that the DOE are grooming our children for is Real.
    I Warned Many
    Bloomberg had bigger plans for the No Child Left Behind era that took up 12yrs miseducating our children yet promoting them. He’s sent 6yrs of our Youth education to the prison system.
    All Remained Silent.

    NOW This!

    They are FULLY AWARE of the state of our ppl, communities & families are Deteriorating & gravely close to a mass genocide by our own hands
    A Psychological BEFORE Kindergarten will Seal The Deal!

    Perfect Timing Too!
    Black Men & Women are TOO FOCUSED on Themselves as a Victim & their Counterparts as a Culprit.
    TOO Much Time FOCUSING On Us
    Allowing our children to be clobbered & dismembered by an Old Hatred For Their Color & Kind!


    When We Remain Silent,
    We Remain Victims Of Injustice.
    Until We

    That Includes You & Yours!


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