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Awesome Tips For Raising Intelligent Black Children

By: Krystle Crossman

Raising an intelligent black child is something that every parent would want. Blog author Furious has 13 great ideas on how to raise your child with the best mind that you can:

1. Start them out early with a foreign language. Children pick up new languages much easier when they are younger and as they grow can translate it into learning other languages as well. Studies have shown that children that know more than one language perform better on tests and in school.

2. Be the first teacher that they have. Start teaching them as soon as they come out of the womb. From ages 0-5 they will be getting prepared for school and you are the one that is helping to prepare them. Teach them as much as you can so they can have a head start.

3. Give them a running start at mathematics. Math is very important and children do much better in school when they at least know basic math before entering kindergarten. They don’t need to learn algebra or calculus before they are even in kindergarten, but a general understanding in addition and subtraction can go a long way.

4. Teach them about black history. Teach them about their heritage and where they came from. Teach them about the struggles that African-Americans have had for centuries. Teach them about how to try and make things better for future generations.

5. Read books often. Get started early with reading. Children can pick up reading skills easily with help from a parent. Read a bedtime story with them every night. Point out words and repeat the words or associate the word with a picture to help them make a connection. This will not only give them a great vocabulary but will help them to love reading as well, which far too many children these days do not love to do. Reading will help them to excel in school.

6. Give them a musical instrument. Music has been proven to help with brain activity and cognitive thinking. Giving them a passion for music early on can help them down the line.

7. Let them struggle a bit. If they are reading a book and are stuck on a word, let them figure it out by sounding it out. Don’t jump in and tell them what the word is. They need to be able to learn to problem-solve for themselves and need to know that you aren’t going to be doing everything for them.

Read on tomorrow for part 2.

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