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Information For Parents Who Want to Raise Intelligent Black Children

By: Krystle Crossman

Raising amazing children takes a great effort on the part of the parents. Here are more tips from a blog author named Furious on how to raise an intelligent black child:

8. Don’t follow the standards of the state educational system. Every state seems to have a different idea on where kids should be with their education by age group. Some states think that kids should be reading chapter books in kindergarten while others are still on picture books. It is almost as if they are setting our children up to fail once they enter the real world after school. Teach your kids as much as you can before they go into the public school system.

9. Give them as much love and security as you can. They need to know that even though the world can be cruel at times they always have a place to go where they do not need to worry about being unwelcome. Give them a sense of security in knowing that they can come talk to you about anything that they need.

10. Allow them to be creative. Let them think freely and create works of art. Even if it is a just a painting of a flower, they are still being creative. Let them have imagination time where they can play with toys and create stories. This is extremely important for their development. When they have created something such as a painting, ask them why they chose that subject or why they chose the colors that they used. This will help them to use creative critical thinking skills.

11. Give them structure in their lives. Children need to have a set structure so that they can become organized in life. Kids with structure from their parents are less likely to become “bad kids”. They need to learn the rules and the boundaries that they have in life.

12. Set expectations high for them. Do not condemn them if they don’t try as hard as they can but still don’t meet these high expectations. Instead, give them tips on how they can improve. You don’t want to set the bar too low when they are children because they will learn that they can do the bare minimum and get away with it.

13. Teach them to play chess. The game of chess involves strategy and careful thought. They can put those skills into anything that they do in life and will be able to problem-solve more effectively because of it.

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