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Why More Black People Are Taking Their Kids Out of Public Schools and Home-schooling Them

By Yolanda Spivey

If home-schooling had a face, it would look like a White Christian family living in the rural South—and that’s how many people see those who usually home-school their children.  But now, studies are showing that more Black parents are reportedly choosing to take their children out of traditional public schools.

There are many factors why.  The obvious is the environment that is often presented at public schools. There is an increase in violence, public schools curriculum’s place more emphasis on test results than lesson plans, and further, Black parents are altogether disillusioned by public schools.  They are also opposed to public school educators who quickly prescribe drugs like Ritalin or Adderall for children they deem to have behavioral problems.

Joyce Burges, co-founder of National Black Home Educators recently told, “The failings of public schools have caused all of us, whether we are white or black, to come up with creative ideas about how we can educate children. That explains the rise of the co-ops and African Americans seeing that this is not just a white thing anymore.”

Burges, who home-schooled all five of her children also stated that the practice of home-schooling in the Black community has grown and is still growing “exponentially.”

Washington, D.C. resident Monica Utsey states that “home schooling is a way for some Black parents to instill certain values, provide a more nurturing environment, and teach more in-depth lesson on Black history.”

Utsey runs a home schooling co-operative for African American children in her community.  She told the that she didn’t want her children “to believe that their history begins with slavery.” She also added that public classrooms are designed to better fit girls and not boys, therefore African American boys “have a lot of trouble in the school system.”

The number of Black families who are choosing to home-school their children will continue to grow in the future as they see the true value in doing so.

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5 thoughts on “Why More Black People Are Taking Their Kids Out of Public Schools and Home-schooling Them

  1. Arthur Jones

    Very sorry to say this, but it simply can’t come as a drastic shock, or surprise to any intelligent Americans that there were and are multiple deficiets attending kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high schools in our Mississippi. (Whereas then their prejudice was lauded and back slapped, now it’s all done under the table. Like grade school boys who defeat a junior high or high school teach, our law makers have returened to seperating the social levels of our society, rather than by race.) Any tricks or slight of hand is used to achieve their purpose, the thing is, “they just can’t be caught red handed.) We came along during the (Civil Rights) period in which we had the highest level of manners, family, neighborhoods, churches and social support,deportment and future aspirations, we feel than any other classes, other than those that came ten to fifteen years before us had. Even though I and my sister were the offspring of teachers by a very great deal, there was never any doubt in my mind that I’d attend college.
    But I, who am now a retired instructor after 36 years of teaching in three states, can still remember the more than ancient textbooks, some expired long before we became their third, fourth and nth degree owners. Even our desks were “hand me downs”,(names multiply scratched deeply into the desks carried names anyone (from a city of, at the time;15,000 people) would easily remember, or some other classmate who’s parents had either baby-sat, cooked or washed for would definitely know.) (Ex; E.R LOVES AT.) Oh that’s Ole man Ringer’s daughter Ester crazy about Anthony Tolliver, commented classmates. Criminally using seperate but equal criteria. Caucasian law mongers kept the Black school’s funding completely last on the list of our state Board Of Educations budget. Understanding even then,that they didn’t intend for any of their future maids, mechanics or butlers to be more educated than themselves, they acted and reacted sinfully. But we,realizing we were intended to be a deficit educationally to ourselves and our race allowed these events to actually give us more of a determination to succeed. I, my siblings and my cousins were smart(fortunate) enough to get scholarships to TOUGALOO College, Jackson State University, Alcorn University and saturated ourselves in the completely nutricious broths and mindsets these “few of a kind” educational jewel were. (And still are!) But as we attended Mississippi Kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools, we experienced first hand, the deficits of Mississippi’s school systems. I and my family had a distinct advantage, as my mother, family caregivers, aunts and uncles were also teachers at the schools we each attended, the pressure on each of us to succeed was paramount (FAMILY PRIDE). In those days, there was momumental school spirit. We intended to make the establishment cringe with their sins and prove to them, there was no way on God’s green Earth, they could cripple us enough to make us less. AND WE DID. Now days, with intergration, a great deal of that spirit has been unfortunately loss, diminished becoming less and less with each coming year. Whereas we studied competitively, in the current days students have replaced academic learning with sexual education. Whereas we reveled in the highest grade on a test or in a school competition, those students now day are few and far between, as are the school programs. Now days when there’s much more than just a need for discipline, educators are scared into doing their least by the threat of law suits or other jurisprudent fears. All a great many present day teacher intend to do is to “appear to be doing their job”. It’s actually all they’ve been left with. For the foolish lawmakers have left them helpless. Disruptive students are kept in classes of students who actually want to learn by legalese, and those students actually applying themselves can actually see what students recieve the most attention, whether it’s fair or not. But thank God, some maintain the spirit we had.
    What we’ve got to do is either homeschool them, which most parents in Mississippi can’t afford, or look to our schools to do the right thing, and they simply aren’t allowed to. The “No Child Left Behind” legislation did more harm to our schools than pure cancer to the lungs of a century old man, or woman. Education has been thrown off balance. Good teachers aren’t rewarded properly and those who simply manage to keep their classes quiet get the most attention. We’ve got to get back to common sense, God in our schools (taking him our was the first mistake) and “getting back to the Basics”. “STUDY TO SHOW THYSELVES APPROVED”. A-MEN.
    God bless our country, our people and our SCHOOLS.

    • May W

      Arthur, I can totally agree with you. Both of my parents were educators and we were told at an early age we HAD to graduate from college. My husband is a Tougaloo graduate and myself, D State, we had no choice as to whether we had educational goals. For me coming up in a rural MS Delta town did include 10 year old books, desk that were rescrewed to \look\ new, rare field trips, low teacher pay, horrible food service, and buildings that were over 50 years old with safety issues. Yes, public school prior to NCLB was interesting but we took care of what needed to be DONE. New laws, new age parenting, and the world in general has taken all of the fundamental and critical educational practices out of the classroom which was needed to create productive work oriented citizens. Home schooling nowadays is the better option for African Americans and those who academically, intellectually, and financially do so.

  2. Krista perryman

    Parents are not only taking their kids out of Public Schools and home-schooling them, but the same problems are going on in Private Schools. They are just being kept quiet. I just recently had to take my 6-year old son out of his first grade class due to his teacher bullying and harassing him. I sat in the class on multiple occasions and witnessed inappropriate behavior from the teacher towards the first grade class. Even though the Principal, Father of the Church, Super Intendant, and Sister on the School Board were notified about this behavior, nothing is being done, and this teacher is still teaching at this private school.

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