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Bill Gates Shares 11 Major Things Kids Need to Know But Aren’t Taught in School

By: Krystle Crossman

Bill Gates gave a speech recently where he was blunt and right to the point about certain things that kids will not learn in school about real life. It seems that he hit the nail on the head with most of these:

1. Out in the real world your self-esteem is not important to anyone except you. What is important to others is that you accomplish tasks for them; they ar enot concerned about coddling you air nurturing your self esteem.

2. If you mess up you can’t blame your parents. They didn’t make the mistake; you did. Stop trying to blame them, accept responsibility, and learn from the mistake that you have made.

3. The people in television are not real life. People don’t sit around in coffee shops all day talking to each other about their lives. They don’t go on fabulous trips and exotic dates with a handsome bachelor. In the real world people go to work. They are tired, many are broke, and you will most likely never find a coffee shop with a couch that always has six friends crowded around it every day.

4. You may get a job that you think is beneath you like working at a fast food restaurant. Remember…your grandparents would have been grateful for an opportunity like that. Work hard no matter what the job is.

5. There are no summers off or semester breaks in life. It’s a full time job when you have a real job with an employer. They don’t care if you want to go to Miami Beach with your friends for Spring Break. There is no Spring Break.

6. If you have a hard time with your teachers, just wait until you are working for someone at a real job.

7. Life isn’t fair. That is the way it is so you may as well get used to it!

8. Right out of high school, it is highly unlikely that you will make a lot of money. You will not have a big fancy car right away and be boosted up the corporate ladder. You will have to work hard to get to those milestones.

9. Your parents used to be really cool and active. But now they are tired and worn out because they have to work all day to pay the bills and feed you. So before you complain about how cranky they are, maybe you should do something nice for them like do the dishes once in a while or clean your room without being asked.

10. In real life there are winners and there are losers. We don’t all win and we don’t get medals just for participating. It can be a cutthroat world out there and you need to be prepared to lose.

11. Don’t be mean to nerds. They will most likely be your future boss.

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4 thoughts on “Bill Gates Shares 11 Major Things Kids Need to Know But Aren’t Taught in School

  1. A. G.

    Finally someone tells it like it is! What he said is so true and every parent should talk to their children about these 10 things, it is called LIFE 101! I am old school and parents today have raised a bunch of stiffing, whining, it is my way or no way bunch of kids that cannot face life and all that comes with it.

  2. Moira Drennan

    Former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates neither wrote those words nor delivered them in a speech to high school students, or anyone else.

    As frequently happens when texts are repeatedly copied and shared over time, something written by one person has come to be attributed to another. In this case, the displaced text is a pared-down version of an op-ed piece by education reformer Charles J. Sykes, best known as the author of Dumbing Down Our Kids: Why American Children Feel Good about Themselves, but Can’t Read, Write, or Add. The op-ed was originally published in the San Diego Union-Tribune in September 1996. It began making the email rounds under Bill Gates’ name in February 2000, and has continued to do so ever since.


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