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Philadelphia Couple Accused of “Stealing Suburban Education” Pleads Guilty

By Nigel Boys

A man and his wife are having legal troubles after sending their child to school in Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The couple, who actually lived in Philadelphia, have admitted to the charges against them and accepted a plea deal to pay back the money to the county.

The couple, Hamlet and Olesia Garcia, became national celebrities after word of the case broke out and they were facing charges of theft of taxpayers’ money which could have led to imprisonment of up to seven years, if they were found guilty.

However, the charges were dismissed after Mr. Garcia pleaded guilty to the charges of illegally sending his 5-year-old daughter to Pine Hill Elementary School, Lower Moreland. He also pleaded guilty to providing false information to the school when he enrolled his daughter there.

Montgomery County Court Judge, Garrett D. Page, had told the prosecution and defense that they should come up with a mutual understanding to prevent the Garcia’s having to serve time in jail. They did just that, and now the Garcia’s will have to pay back about $11,000 to the school district.

Hamlet Garcia, 42, told the judge that he only wanted the best education for his daughter and they had sent her to school in Lower Moreland while they were sorting out family problems between himself and his wife in Philadelphia.

However, Judge Page told Garcia that he could understand why they would want a better school for their daughter, but it was wrong of them to “rip off the taxpayers in Lower Moreland.”

Steven Latzer, prosecutor for Montgomery County said that he was delighted with the result of the case. He added that justice had been served when Mr. Garcia admitted that he had done wrong and the matter is now closed, as far as he was concerned.

After the hearing, the repentant father said that although he was disappointed about how the case went, because he still thinks that he did nothing wrong, he decided to plead guilty to avoid further consequences.

Hamlet Garcia went on to say if a parent is trying to get a better education for their child “No family should face seven years in jail, not even one day in jail.” He added “It’s been a difficult time for me and for my family, but I have a lot of trust in my attorneys and I have a lot of trust in the justice system.”

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16 thoughts on “Philadelphia Couple Accused of “Stealing Suburban Education” Pleads Guilty

  1. Bert C

    I hope this article is sent around the world. It’s a travesty that parents has to resort to this behavior to get an education for their child. This is not an accident, the system is set-up for the destruction of minorities and the poor.

    The Condemnation of Blackness,
    Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America

    AUTHOR: Khalil Gibran Muhammad

    • Devon

      You STEAL education you deserve to pay with 3 to 5 behind bars. Stop stealing. Yall want to go to good schools then stop.doing things backwards like having out of wedlock babies while youre poor. First love, THEN marriage, THEN SAVE MONEY for a nice home in a good school district, THEN buy the house, THEN have a kid or two, then send them to the nice schools where you live and pay taxes. Can we do anything the right way, please enough with the whining about the white man, the white man didnt tell yall to procreate in slum areas.

      • W. Dean Rutland

        @ Devon, Who in the hell is not married? This article clearly states that “A man and his wife”! You must have went to the school that they were trying to avoid sending their child to because clearly, YOU CANNOT READ!

  2. james

    Just demand excellence from your own schools! Get involved!

    In the intercity the poor teachers can not be terminated,disruptive students can’t be kicked out, administration lie and cheat to get more funding, tax increase go to pay checks of teachers rather than the betterment of the schools.

    This happens all the time I live on the border of a good system and a outstanding system. I see it every morning,parents drive into the area drop off the kids at the bus stop and pick them up in the afternoon. Its not right but it’s done.

  3. Renee Marshall

    Wow they got of light there is a lady right now doing time because she did the same thing I pay school taxes for my area n my kids dont even go to public school when they was going they was doing trouble I put them in a charter school n I see a big difference these public school are overcrowded n under paid in this is the results u get people just trying to give there kids a good education smh

  4. Tasha

    So MD gives this man and wife a fine but sentence an African American to five years in prison for sending her child to a different district for a better education. Wtf! Again it shows the law is for whites and other ethnicity. SMMFH!

    • Devon

      So thats why you send your kids to the schools in YOUR DISTRICT. If the schools in your district are crappy get off your azzes and as parents, FIX THEM!! The couple should have gotten three to five years, every parent who steals education should get the SAME SENTENCE.

  5. D.C.

    Ok…there is a sister in New York serving 5 years for the same thing. These folks need to been sitting right beside her. If it is a available offense for us then why not the Garcia’s?

  6. soulshadow55

    It seems to me that if the family lives in the state of Pennsylvania their taxes fund the Pennsylvania school system. Their daughter should be able to go to any school in the state of Pennsylvia, even if it’s not in the “district” where they reside. Moreov er, if they don’t live in the district of the school that their daughter went to, why can’t the taxes that the paid in the district that they live in be forwarded to the other school district to pay for their child to go to that school? It all just seems like a way to deny black and poor parents the opportunity for their children to get a good education. If you live (and pay taxes) in the state your child should be able to go to any school in the state.

    • ericaf

      You are so right, the only sensible comment I’ve read so far. What our people don’t realize is that we are all considered those people who don’t belong, so they think when they get the opportunity to”make it in” anyone looking like them will be a threat to their existence. Not because kids come in from other areas mean they are disruptive and cause problems. If you live in the state, your kids should be able to attend any public school. Big shots do it but we don’t hesitate to snitch on each other.

  7. Devon

    Either send your kids to the schools in their OWN districts OR save your money and MOVE to a nicer neighborhood with nice schools. Stop stealing education from the kids who live in those dstricts.

  8. ericaf

    Shouldn’t all schools be giving ki kids a in the country a quality education? Parents should not have to choose where they live so their kids can get good, better or the best. What if you can’t afford? Your kids are now doomed for life because you are not on the right side of the tracks or the right neighborhood? Shameful. I pay taxes too but a quality education should be had by all. I don’t care who is bussed or driven to my neighborhood. Period

  9. kash

    African American people should not want to have their kids in the same schools as white kids. African Americans need their own schools. Only a fool would let his enemy educate his kids.


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