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UT Elementary School Snatches Lunches From Kids Hands Because Payments Were Behind

By Nigel Boys

An over zealous school lunch administrator, trying to abide by the rules of the school, snatched lunches away from unsuspecting hungry children at a Salt Lake City elementary school. The incident happened at Uintah Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah, because the children’s parents were behind on their balance to pay for their children’s meals.

The unforgiving school employee then proceeded to throw the students’ lunches, which they had already received from the cafeteria and were about to start eating, into the trash can.

Reportedly almost 40 students went hungry when the shameful incident took place and although the school district say they are sorry for any inconvenience or embarrassment caused, they have yet to offer a full apology for the disgraceful actions of their employee.

Spokesman for the Salt Lake School District, Jason Olsen, said that the school cafeteria manager did not receive notification from the child-nutrition department that some students’ families were in the red regarding payment until after the students had been served. He added that the manager did what he thought was best; he grabbed the food and trashed it.

Olsen went on to say that the school nutrition department had tried to contact the student’s parents about their outstanding balances but had not notified all of them before the incident took place. He added that “Something’s not working, and that’s what the school child-nutrition department are going to work on together,” to ensure that future incidents of this nature would not occur again.

However, Erica Lukes, one of the student’s mothers, said that she thought the whole affair was “despicable” and children should not be humiliated like that in front of their fellow students and friends. She added that even if the department had tried to notify parents of the arrears in payment, they should not put a child through that harrowing experience.

The school district later posted an apology to students and parents on their official Facebook page. It stated that they were sorry for any inconvenience and embarrassment caused by the actions of the management of the cafeteria and they realize that the situation was not handled in a proper manner.

According to reports, the manager of the cafeteria and a district supervisor have been placed on paid leave while district officials investigate the circumstances of the unfortunate and degrading incident.

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3 thoughts on “UT Elementary School Snatches Lunches From Kids Hands Because Payments Were Behind

  1. F Walker

    I bet the kids who this horrible event happened to were black students. I seriously doubt this would have happened if the kids were black.

  2. MrsVeronicaNickey

    It has occured where the school also made a mistake gave my child a chesse sandwich or nothing yet you make full payment. I went to school after a phone call and my children bought lunches if other children were hungry.. I purposely would bring food on my days off. Healthy meals red beans and rice broccoli steamed til staff requested.The principal of Everret Merridith Middle School requested I did not bring lunch because they could not be held responsible ( if a child got sick seven weeks later).No one was sick and I was the first African PTA president in Middletown, De 19709. No NAACP functioned in the state the entire ten years I lived there. Ask Sharpton what was his experience he has not been back after two visits in years. Blacklist still exist.


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