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The Challenges That Home-schoolers Face When They First Start Out

By Nigel Boys

According to Brenda Rufener, homeschooling your children can be difficult for the first year, but it gets easier as time goes on. Being a home-schooling Mom and  freelance writer for more than 10 years, whose articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers, such as “Natural Parent” based in New Zealand, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to matters concerning children, parenting and home-schooling.

Rufener shared on her blog,, that when she started out homeschooling her children, she thought that the difficulties she faced were uniquely hers but she was wrong.

The homeschooling mom says that when she read about the difficulties other homeschooling mothers were facing, they sounded remarkably similar to her own experience with her children. She says that a mother from Iowa, Gina, wrote that one of her biggest tests as a homeschooling mom in her first year, was to find how to balance her time between her older children’s need for schooling and her younger children’s need for her as a mother.

Rufener admits that this was one of her major challenges when she started homeschooling. She adds that being a full time mother is difficult enough, without the added strain of homeschooling your children.

The successful blogger and writer writes on her blog that a woman from Colorado named Christie wrote that if you have children who have quite a difference in ages, such as hers did at 12, 5 and two, you need to try and keep all of them occupied at different levels.

Christie adds that although she tries to plan the next day, the night before, it doesn’t always go according to plan and she ends up adjusting her schedule to try and meet their weekly goals. The key to overcoming this is being flexible and not becoming a slave to the schedule.

Another problem for homeschooling moms, according to Rufener, is fear that they will fail to educate their children to a satisfactory standard. She adds that you should just read everything you can and do your best and eventually this fear will subside as you become more confident teaching your kids.

The busy mother, whose first book on homeschooling will be released later this year, concludes her blog by advising homeschooling moms to remember that whatever problems they run into, they are not alone because many other mothers are facing the same struggle. She adds that you should just read others comments and listen to their advice and above all, have fun with your kids.

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