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Five Things Black Parents Need To Stop Teaching Their Children

By Eulla Monte

Most parents want the best for their children and for the most part, they do their best to make sure that their children are well taken care of. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, parents still make mistakes that are detrimental to their children. Parents are their children’ first teachers so it is important to bear in mind that sometimes parents teach children what to do and not to do just by modeling it.

The following are five things that Black parents need to stop teaching their children:

1. You can watch TV as much as you like – Research has proven over and over again that watching a lot of TV is detrimental to young children. Black children are affected even worse than non-Black children because the programs that come on most channels were not created with them in mind so they damages their self-esteem. How about turning the TV off and exploring other fun activities such as sports, music and nature?

2. You don’t have to read – Even though children are encouraged to read, a lot of parents are not modeling this important lesson. Many people do not read books after they finish their formal education. Kids who grow up in house-holds with adults that don’t read are less likely to read. Parents need to read for their own personal development and they also need to read to and with their children.

3. You can yell to get your point across – It is understandable that sometimes a parent raises their voice but this is not an ideal nor effective form of communication. As parents, it’s not okay to yell at each other or at the kids. Again, children tend to model what they see so it is better to teach children to respect themselves and others and learn to communicate clearly, calmly and respectfully.

4. It’s okay to give up – Anytime a parent starts something and then does not complete it, it teaches their children that it is okay for them to give up as well. Parents need to teach children to complete anything that they start, even with small things such as cleaning their room or doing a fun learning puzzle.

5. Work is the most important thing – While most parents don’t necessarily tell their children that work is more important than them or anything else, the truth is that most people spend most of their time and energy working. Children need to understand that work and service are important parts of life but family and fun are important too. Everyone’s life needs balance and children need to know this from a young age.

What other things do you belive parents need to stop teaching their children?

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18 thoughts on “Five Things Black Parents Need To Stop Teaching Their Children

  1. Ree

    Why would the author assume that this is what we as Black parents are teaching our children? I have four children who have never heard any of those things. In fact, my children have never experienced watching television during the school week. This article is belittling to me and the other Black parents who take pride in raising our children. We outnumber those who don’t.

    • Nonya

      If you don’t do any of these things or model them for your kids then this does not apply to you, but surely you don’t believe that everyone is like you-do you?

    • James Alexander

      What does it say about a person who would even suggest that any parent would be teaching their kids any of these 5 things. Certainly not anyone that I would believe has the best interest of Black people in mind. This is beyond stupid.

    • SouthernPrincess

      Excellent point Ree…just what I was getting ready to say. I think all five points are WORTHLESS. Perhaps it describes the type of parents that Eulla Monte (the written) is surrounded by. I don’t know one parent (or group of parents) who would say any ONE of the ridiculous points less alone all five!! This is simply yet another WORTHLESS ARTICLE with no merit!!

  2. Pastor Rasheed Z Baaith

    I know of no parents, in particular black parents who teach their children any of the things you wrote about. I’ve heard no black parent say to their children they don’t need to read, or they can yell or it’s alright to give up and watching tv as much as they want is fine. Never and I wonder if ever you have.

  3. Mrs Tucker

    This article is filled with ignorance and biases and the person who wrote this article is closed-minded and uneducated. For this person to assume black parents are teaching their children to watch television all day, yell and/or fight, not to read and to work harder rather than smarter is nothing more than a crock of BS. I am not going to sit here and pretend every parent is attentive but this article needs to read “5 Things Parents Should Never Teach Their Kids” as opposed to stereotyping black parents. I am a parent and yes I am black (not to mention being raised in a black household) and this foolishness and/or nonsense never once entered my mind. I was raised to pursue my education, be independent and be a great success. Perhaps this so-called arthur feels insecure and/or guilty about the way they are raising their children or the way their parents raised them.

    • kwame nkrumah

      Mrs. Tucker I agree with you to an extent. Thank God for people like you and you had and have a strong educational background and your raising your children the right way. But I’m sorry the masses of our children are falling and have fell behind its evident in our school systems nation wide. As a whole as black folks we have to do a lot better. I know plenty of people who don’t read and or teach their children to read. I’m dealing with them daily as a mentor coach and guide in the inner city. About stereotyping it no longer bothers me what do we expect from people who have enslaved and mistreated us for four hundred years.

  4. Miki

    I understand what you’re trying to say, but I don’t understand why you’re saying it. My guess is that these are old fashioned ideas (think Good Times, What’s Happening). Thank goodness for The Cosby Show, which cleaned up some off this negativity and regression. I don’t even know any families (of any color/creed) that follows this style of childrearing; and I’m not bourgeois.

  5. Kilah

    I am offended because my mother and her mother did implicate these lessons and still do! I’m a 23 yr old mother to a very intelligent appreciative loving kid and common sense does live amongst most black people.

  6. Tama'Re

    The only issue with this post is its in the wrong place! Most par3n5s who would even come to such a website probably doeant need this advice.

    If it could make its way over to worldstar now, then thats a different thing altogether!

    Parents like this do exist and worse. They may not actively tell their children this but they’re lifestyle dictates it.

    Parents with half a brain and a minute iota of gumption dont need this belittling advice. It is akin to preaching to the choir. You dont have to.

  7. vrw

    I’m not sure if the author taught their kids these or they assume that black people actually teach their kids this crap. Neither one of my parents finished middle school, never went to a PTA meeting, never helped with homework but that didn’t stop me from finishing in the top of my class. Don’t think they weren’t successful in their jobs. They both made nearly $80k on their jobs. My goal in life was to do better than my parents.So I motivated myself to do that. Even with their lack of education those 5 things were never spoken to me. They did however tell me I could achieve whatever I wanted to become.

  8. Penelope

    What a silly article. I personally do not know of any black parent that teach these five things. Please allow me to add a sixth thing black parents should stop teaching their children: 6) Articles written about you or your culture by people who assert it is for your best interest should be given credence.

  9. CP3

    I think you all are misunderstanding this article. In the introduction of this piece the writer says “Parents are their children’ first teachers so it is important to bear in mind that sometimes parents teach children what to do and not to do just by modeling it.” Please take note of the last four words. This suggest a non-verbal form of teaching, not a verbal. I agree, I do not see many parents saying to their kids “do NOT read” but a parent that does not read is laying a foundation for their kid to do the same, in most instances. Another thing, the name of this website lets me know that we have all thought about homeschooling our kids and some are actually doing it. Personally, this means we deem the educational system invalid for our youngsters and feel we can better prepare them for the world in which they live in. This also means that we are highly conscious and may be highly educated in general. This is a good article, but I do believe the target audience is incorrect. This may have been better served for the “worldstarhiphop” or “bossip” crowd, if you follow me…

  10. Debra Roberts

    What Black families has he been in to say that we are teaching our children these things. Where did he get this?

  11. Rodrick Barnes

    My concern is that all parents need to teach the value of getting a good education. At least a high school diploma and some type of post high school training to get a career.


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