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After School Must-Dos For Parents Who Don’t Home-school Full Time

By Yolanda Spivey

More and more parents are adding value to their children’s education…by supplementing it.  Realizing that home-schooling is not an option for them, they are teaching their children at home after their children attend public or private school.

One parent who was recently featured in an editorial written by the Chicago Tribune details how she supplements her children’s education.  After they come home from their Catholic elementary school, they get homework from her.

On a weekly basis Dawn DeGrazia visits websites that are geared towards home-schooling., and are just a few.  There she not only gets extra work for her children to work on, she also educates herself on the work that her children are doing in school.

She stated, “Providing supplemental work at home has helped me increase my understanding of the work they are doing so I can better educate myself and them. Another benefit is that I can work with them individually to target their specific needs when their teachers may not have that time.”

Educational advocates are seeing an increase in people who are getting pointers from those who home-school their children although they may send their children to public and private schools.  More families are searching for a hands-on learning experience for their children.

Another parent who was featured in the editorial, Kate Greenberg, pulled her son out of his high-school and enrolled him in a three day a week program and supplements the program with home-schooling lessons.  She felt that his old high school focused too much time on preparing for standardized test and no time at all in helping her son identify pursuing his interests.

Greenberg stated, “The schools should be focused on making them whole people as opposed to devoting all their time to what’s going to be asked on these tests.”  She further stated that her son’s new learning schedule allows him to be “more responsible for his own education.”  And “he gets to explore things he’s really interested in.”

Parents who do send their children to public and private schools should not feel defeated and think that there is nothing they can do to help in schooling their children. They can do their part by supplementing their child’s education as these two parents have done.

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