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Are Parents Without Credentials Qualified To Home-School?

By Nigel Boys

According to Canadian born best selling author of “Modern Homeschooling,” Jennifer Charboneau, even if you are not a qualified teacher, you can still successfully home-school your children, even if you are a single parent.

The author and blogger goes on to write on her blog, “Modern homeschool blog” that although some states require parents who intend to home-school their children to have some form of qualifications, they are only a very few. She adds that most states just require the parents to let them know that their children will be schooled at home.

The mother of three children writes that some people believe that you can only successfully home-school your children if you have a partner who is employed, but that is not the case. She adds that even single parents can teach their children at home with the right help and dedication.

Successful home-schooling of your children doesn’t have to be expensive, according to Charboneau. She adds that there is a vast wealth of information about homeschooling online and many have free resources to guide and help parents secure their children’s future.

A good book to read, according to the British Columbian mother and home-schooler, is “How to Work and Homeschool, by Pamela Price. She adds that you just need to search the Internet to find many helpful suggestions and advice about home-schooling.

As for qualifications, the homeschooling mom believes that in order to successfully home-school your children, you don’t have to have teacher training. She adds that specific training is needed in the classroom where teachers are in charge of many students, but not at home.

Charboneau goes on to write that you can find just about any resource or curriculum you need on the Internet and most of that information is either free, or reasonably priced. The only qualifications that parents need, she adds, is to have a determination to find the right education for their kids.

The home-schooling mom who also runs several businesses along with her husband, Kevin, states that if parents place a high enough value on their children’s education, then with determination, they will succeed.

Finally Charboneau writes that parents who don’t value their child’s education enough, will probably not be interested in home-schooling them, but even if their children go to public school, their education will suffer without the interest of their parents. In order for children to be successful, home-schooling has to take place even if they go to school outside the home.

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