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How To Teach a Kid Who Says He “Hates” School

By: Krystle Crossman

Do you have a child that is constantly telling you how much they hate school and learning? There are ways to home-school a child who is very reluctant to the idea. Sometimes you have to stop trying to make them do something they don’t want to do and instead focus on activities and lessons that will interest them and teach them at the same time. Here are some tips on how to bring your reluctant learner to the other side:

1. Slow down: You know when your child is ready to start schooling. Don’t force them into it too early. Let them enjoy exploring and learning on their own for a few years. Just because someone else tells you that all children should be learning by a certain age doesn’t mean that they are right. They don’t know your children; you do.

2. This is about you as well: Your child’s struggles are not a failure on your part. There will be struggle if you have a reluctant learner. There will be tears from both parties. Remember, this is not only about their success, but yours as well. Do the best that you can do as their teacher and they will flourish and will eventually be happy to be learning. It takes time. Don’t give up.

3. Kids like control: Don’t shut them out of the decision making. Involve them in things that you choose to do such as what learning activity they would like to do that day or what subject they would like to learn about that day. Kids feel more important and more involved if they have control over some things.

4. Set small goals: Set some goals for them that are small but are easy for them to achieve. This way they will learn that they can do it and as they continue on, you can make the challenges a little harder. Have small prizes or treats for them when they accomplish their goals. Incentive is a great motivator for children.

5. Don’t give up: Every child is reluctant about school now and then. Don’t give up on them.

6. Reluctance and disobedience are two different things: Just because they don’t want to learn or say that they hate school does not mean that they are being disobedient. They may feel like they can’t do something and are afraid to try because they are afraid to fail.

7. Change up your teaching methods: While you may like doing workbooks with your child, it could be the wrong learning style for them. Figure out whether they are visual learners or perhaps auditory learners. Once you figure out the best way for them to learn and remain interested you can change up your lesson plans.

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