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Rowdy Home-schoolers? Help Them Focus With These Fun and Creative Activities

By: Krystle Crossman

There are going to be some days when you are home-schooling your child where they are restless, antsy, and just plain won’t sit down and stop talking. This frustrates you as well. They may not necessarily be misbehaving but they certainly are not focusing on the task at hand and getting their work done. Here are some activities that you can use to help them get back on track and help them learn at the same time:

1. Put on a play: Dress up in costumes and put a small show on for others in the family. Think up a fairy tale or recite one of your child’s favorite stories. This will help them to get out some of that energy and will get them to read as well!

2. Timer hunt: Take a kitchen timer and set it. Hide it somewhere in the room and have them track it down by following the ticking sound. Set a lesser time every time they find it to see how fast they can retrieve it!

3. Sock fight: Pillow fights are fun but sock fights are better! Ball up the socks, give everyone some ammo, and seek shelter somewhere in the house. You must all stay in your area but can move around. This is a great way to get some energy and a little aggression out! Make sure you put anything breakable out of the way.

4. Look through old family photos: This is a great way for kids to relive memories or see things that they may not remember. Have them pick people out in the photos to build their memory. You can also have them make their own photo album.

5. Sock puppets: We all have the dreaded sock gnome. They steal our matching socks and we are left with just one. Well now you can put those lone socks to use and turn them into fun and creative puppets! Put on a show after you have made them. This is great for creative play and imaginative play.

6. Color hunt: Pick a color and have your child go on the hunt for any item with that color in the house. You can have them write a list of what they find or have them do tally marks on a paper so they can count them all up at the end. This is a great activity to expend some energy with.

7. Smile contest: Take a ruler and determine who has the biggest smile!

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