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Schools With Poor Performance in Reading, Writing, Math, Science Have High Teen Pregnancy Rates

By Nigel Boys

According to James Crotty, contributor on, a recent graphic visual representation of data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Education and the Guttmacher Institute on (B.E.D.), shows that the states who are spending most on education, are not the ones that are producing the best results.

The information on the site, whose aim is to provide information to the general public on where the best schools are and what degrees they offer, based in Columbus, Ohio, shows that even though New York ranks the highest on education spending, it only ranks 40th when it comes to student graduation rates.

An added piece of information, not usually found in studies such as these, was data on teenage pregnancies in the various states, accumulated by the Gurrmacher Institute. This data was then combined with the other statistics.

The graphic visual representation, from B.E.D. show that students rate poorly in their reading, writing, math and science scores in states that have a higher number of teenage pregnancies. It also shows that most of these states with high teenage pregnancies are in the South and Southwest.

The District of Columbia and New Mexico show the largest number of teenage pregnancies and they also show some of the lowest grades in the country.

Another state that spends an inordinate amount on educating their students, Alaska, ranked as the third highest, fared lower when it came down to student’s grades, they only reached 49th place overall.

On the other hand, Oklahoma, who only spends about 40% of the amount that New York does on education per student, ranked 13 places higher at 27th, than the generous New York state.

North Dakota, the 39th state of the U.S., while spending a moderate amount of money on their students’ education, ranked at 18th overall, fared much better than those who spent more. Overall North Dakota’s 8th grade students ranked 1st in math and science, 2nd in reading and 4th in writing.

South Dakota seemed to be getting their money’s worth also. Although the state ranked 41st in education spending, their eighth grade students achieved 2nd place in science, 3rd place in math and 5th in reading.

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6 thoughts on “Schools With Poor Performance in Reading, Writing, Math, Science Have High Teen Pregnancy Rates

  1. Anike

    The vast majority of inner city teenagers do not give birth to geniuses nor do most ever become completely self sufficient. Rather, most have to depend on government programs as their various deadbeat male partners shuffle through their and their children’s lives.

    I don’t understand why so many Black women defend being a unwed mother. They seem to see it as their destiny and claim it as such. There is such a thing as choice, (birth control) and a HIGH expectation for ones life.

    No other race has such a high rate of parentless (fathers) children. Why is that?

  2. godfather05

    I have said every since I have been a mentor visiting and speaking in inner city schools. Teach a child how to read with an understanding encourage them to read and they can learn anything. If they can not read they can not learn, period. Teach them how to add and subtract and have them open up a bank account if they have nothing but $100.00 to open the account and teach them how to make a deposit, and withdrawal and how to balance their checking account and watch them become successful.


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