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Why Kids Sleep During School and Tips For Keeping Them Awake

By: Krystle Crossman

How many of us actually get the required amount of sleep, at night, that we are supposed to? If we were in a classroom, not many hands would be raised, especially if that questions was being asked in a classroom full of teenagers. One or two of the teenagers would probably be sleeping and wouldn’t even hear the question in the first place. Studies have shown that 80% of teenagers are not getting the eight to nine recommended hours of sleep that they should be getting per night. This is causing more and more students to fall asleep in the middle of class.

When a student is sitting in a room listening to someone lecture for a while, yes that can get boring no matter the subject. If they are even a little sleep deprived it can make that lecture feel like torture. If they close their eyes for just a moment it is almost a guarantee that they will be down and out for the count within a short period of time.

Some teachers will leave the students alone and let them sleep in class every now and then because they know the stress that they are under. When asked about sleeping students teachers some teachers said that they would leave the student alone and give them the benefit of the doubt. Some students say that they don’t like when teachers wake them up and embarrass them in front of the entire class.

When teens don’t get the right amount of sleep at night, there are a lot of different things that can happen. They can gain weight which could lead to obesity and diabetes. Not getting enough sleep at night can also lead to ADD and ADHD which pull focus from whatever it is you are doing, especially if you are doing something that is boring and requires a lot of focus.

So how can a teen get more sleep? Some suggest that if they had less homework or a later start time for school they would be able to get that extra sleep time in. Psychology teacher Peter Masciopinto suggests that getting just one extra hour of sleep a night can be really beneficial to a student, so sleep deprived students should try going to bed just one hour earlier.

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