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Most Schools Won’t Teach This But Your Kids Could Benefit From It

By Nigel Boys

There is a simple way to improve your children’s grades, health and attitude towards others, as well as your own, and it’s virtually free. All you have to do is meditate and practice breathing exercises, according to Jamie Zimmerman, who is training to be a Medical Doctor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Manhattan, New York.

The physician-in-training goes on to say that she believes that prevention is better than cure, so she asks why you would wait around for people to get sick before you show them a better way to avoid that illness in the first place.

Zimmerman is the producer of several documentary films who is currently working on another named “Quiet Revolution,” about the promotion of physical and mental health achievement by teaching meditation and breathing exercises in the schools. She says that children need to be educated for a better, healthier future. She adds that the benefits of practicing meditation are scientifically proven.

Zimmerman goes on to write that if children were taught these meditative techniques at an early age, they would obtain better results in their exams, suffer less from stress, their immune system would increase and they would become more caring toward other people’s concerns and issues.

All these benefits, obtained by simple breathing control and contemplation of the mind, would make the children happier in their education and life in general, adds the trainee physician. She continues this would lead to them living a healthier lifestyle that would decrease their chances of developing heart disease, cancer and other fatal illnesses.

Meditation techniques taught at schools, which Zimmerman calls “mindful awareness education,” is being shared in some private schools in the New York area as well as prisons and hospitals all over the world by organizations such as MindUP, the Holistic Life Foundation and Mindful Mentors, according to the documentary producer.

Mindfull awareness, which focuses on breathing techniques and contemplation, has been proven as an effective measure of helping students fit in at their universities and develop more consideration towards their fellow students, as well as helping them with their studies.

The trainee physician concludes that many people agree that meditation could help the next generation to become more productive and caring towards others. She adds that even the Dalai Lama said that “If we taught all 8-year-olds to meditate, we would eliminate all violence from the world within one generation.”

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2 thoughts on “Most Schools Won’t Teach This But Your Kids Could Benefit From It

  1. Empress_V

    I agree and promote this article and it’s insight completely. I don’t have children yet but plan on teaching them meditation at a very young age, along with other positive self-teachings. Great read and it’s a shame that there aren’t more people interested in this. Unfortunately, to teach children, we ourselves must dedicate the time to learn and how few of us truly get in tune with it.

  2. Carolyn M.

    The mother transfers the child to another school. The child’s behavior goes too. The teacher and/or helper coddle the child. The child gets her way — adults get a check. Problem solved? LOL


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