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Teen Says He Confronted A Bully For a Special Needs Kid and Got Suspended

By: Krystle Crossman

Bullying in schools has gotten absolutely out of control in the last few years. Some children are being bullied so badly that they feel suicide is their only escape. Teachers and faculty of schools often do not do anything to stop bullying if they see it. If they do something about it, sometimes it makes things worse. Other students who try to help those being bullied are now caught in the crossfire as well, such as in the case of high school student Christian Tumax.

Ruddler High School in Bryan, Texas decided that they were going to suspend the high school senior for two days because they saw footage that they believed was Tumax bullying someone else. In reality what they didn’t hear on the footage was that Tumax was having a verbal altercation with some bullies who had been picking on someone with special needs. But the school didn’t see it that way. They assumed that Tumax was the bully and so they suspended him.

The story went viral and people all over the world are fighting for Tumax. They are using the hashtag phrase #Free Tumax to get the word out. The superintendent of Bryan Independent School District, Tommy Wallis, responded on Twitter stating that he has been reading all of the thoughts and comments on this story however suspensions and school discipline is supposed to be confidential. Hmm…I wonder why?

Tumax is now back in school but says that he does not regret a single thing. The most important thing that people can learn from this is that bullying is not okay and you need to stick up for those who are being pushed around. They are not defended anywhere near as much as they should be.

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