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How To Include Your Faith In Your Children’s Learning

By: Krystle Crossman

Your child will learn a lot of stuff in just a few short years. One of those things that you may want them to learn about is your faith as a family. When is the best time to teach them about faith? The easy answer is any time that you want, but let’s elaborate on that a little:

1. One-on-One time: Whenever you have a little time with just you and your child you can explain to them what faith is and how it fits in with your family. This is a great time for them to ask questions because it is just the two of you and they won’t feel embarrassed.

2. In the car: Going for a long car ride? Take this time to ask your children how their day has gone so far. You can ask them to pray for good things for the next stop on your busy day schedule.

3. Meal Time: Many families say Grace before they eat. This is a great way for kids to learn about being thankful for the gifts that they have been given.

4. Sick Time: If your kids are home sick from school it is a great time to teach them about faith while they are awake. You can read passages from whichever spiritual book you follow, watch movies with them, or even just sit and talk about faith. You can tell them what it means to you and ask them how it fits in with their lives.

5. Vacation Time: You don’t have to spend your entire vacation talking about your faith, but try to devote 10% of your time to it. Read some Bible passages while traveling. Listen to Christian music in the car while driving. You can spend some devotion time together and then on the last day say a prayer in thanks for a great trip. You can talk about what you were most thankful for during the trip.

6. Bed Time: This is one of the best times to talk about faith with your children because you can tell them a bedtime story and incorporate your faith in the stories.

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