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Beyond Religion: Teaching Children To Be Good Citizens

By: Krystle Crossman

Elizabeth Joy Tong is a secular home-school mom with something to say. She believes that more and more children are growing up and not learning enough about religion. She is not saying that you need to raise your child as one faith, but suggests that children should be taught about different religions so they can learn about different cultures and learn why other people believe in what they believe in. She says that we have been raising children on these principles:

– You are not better than anyone else and no one else is better than you
– Test yourself to see what you are truly capable of in life
– Look for beauty in everything and everyone that you come across
– Use your skills and “powers” for good and not bad. Help people with the skills that you have
– You are technically an animal, respect your place on this earth as other animals do theirs
– Be gentle and kind to every person and animal that you meet
– Enjoy life to its fullest and never take anything for granted
– Learn everything that you can while you can and pass that knowledge on to other people who may not have the chance to learn it otherwise
– Follow the rules that are set wherever you are. They may not be the same rules that you have at home and you may not like them, but you are a guest and need to respect the rules
– Don’t live in fear as it can take control of you and hold you back in life
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help
– Believe in yourself and everything that you are capable of and you will go far in life
– Choose your morals and ethics and stick to those no matter what other people around you are doing

Tong says that this is how we are all raising our children which of course is not a bad thing, but we are leaving out some key things like religions. She teaches her children about all of the different religions. They have been to church and also to temple. They learn about the different gods or beings that people believe it.

One thing that Tong’s children are never taught is that any one religion is wrong. They are not told that if you believe in one religion then every other religion is nonsense. Tong believes that this is why so many people are intolerant of religion because when others teach their kids about religion they often add in which are the “bad” religions. She wants her children to grow up and be free to choose the religion they want to believe in, if any, and she is willing to learn as much as she can about that religion to support them.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Religion: Teaching Children To Be Good Citizens

  1. chantaey

    so much ignorance and foolishness in some of this. Don’t push your inferior propaganda on or come anywhere near black children.

  2. Rev. H. Jeffery Harris It is February 25, 3014 The “Just Us Philosophy” implemented for the development of Western Civilization is the historical reality in Black folk in America. Our young Black men are in a life and death struggle every single day.

    A NEW BLOG POST HAS BEEN MADE. THIS IS JUST A TIDBIT SO COME AND SEE! As always I love you speaks blessings upon you that you will continue to be strong and of good courage! Thank you Jesus.

    The following is Blog post number twenty-four and is part of the ongoing series Racial Reconciliation in America, in honor of Black History Month; it is entitled: How White Folk Offend Black Folk – PART FOUR – You Can Not Piss In My Ear And Tell Me It’s Raining.

    How White Folk Offend Black Folk
    PART FOUR – You Can Not Piss In My Ear And Tell Me It’s Raining.

    I know that for some this is an interesting title for a preacher to use. It comes out of my upbringing. My being around old Black men and working with them in the fields; listening attentively to their conversations. We will get to the meaning of the phrase shortly. Now, beloved, Western Civilization from a historical context, has created a burden that is borne by White human beings today, indeed in some ways one might measure that White privilege is a burden. Certainly one, who achieves and is White, could indeed be judged by nonwhites as not deserving of the success that one has been fortunate to achieve. Just as some Blacks, who have achieved are often considered as unqualified, because they may have received opportunities because of Affirmative Action.


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