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Black Mom Shares Her Experience Home-schooling Tween and Teen

By Nigel Boys

Toni J. Spearman says that one of the best decisions she made in life was to remove her children from public school and start homeschooling them herself. Spearman, who is an African-American mother, author and editor, has two children. Her daughter is 14 years old and her son is 12 years old.

The author of “2 Faces of a Preacher’s Wife” went on to say that, although both her children are bright, the younger of the two was having problems at school, so she decided to make sure those problems were worked out at home.

The Lawton, Oklahoma native shares that, although she struggled at first in the process of learning the things she needed to home-school her children, there are many free resources available on the Internet to help.

The daughter of a Methodist pastor and First Lady admits that she is having fun homeschooling her children. She adds that, as part of their getting out of the house, she has enriched their lives by taking them to various exciting locations including art and science museums, an aquarium and a wildlife preserve.

Spearman says that one of the most important lessons she has been able to share with her children is to teach them the history and culture of the African-American people. She adds that she believes this is an important part of every black child’s education that they just don’t get in public schools.

Other advantages of homeschooling your children, according to the author and editor are:

1. You can spend individual time with your children, a thing that just doesn’t happen in schools.

2. It’s your choice, how they learn, what they learn and when they learn. You can also teach them about God and secure their spiritual future.

3. While you are teaching your children at home, you are also learning new things along with them.

4. You don’t have to pay enormous school fees, because with the resources available, homeschooling is practically free.

5. You and your children decide what the best time for learning is and how many hours to study and you don’t have to stay indoors to enjoy your learning experience.

6. You don’t have to worry about what your children are eating because you prepare their meals the way you both like them.

As for the success of homeschooling your children, Spearman concludes by stating that on his last exam, her son tested above grade level.

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2 thoughts on “Black Mom Shares Her Experience Home-schooling Tween and Teen

  1. Victoria

    Truly inspired by this story. My husband and I just made this decision for our children to be homeschooled and yes it is hard right but well worth it.


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