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How Parents Of Kids In Public School Can Help Them Learn At Home

By Nigel Boys

According to Megan Tietz, blogger for The Art of Simple, even when your children are in public schools, it doesn’t mean to say that you can’t help them attain the education they deserve after they have left home and started full-time school.

The Oklahoma mother has two daughters and twin sons. The mother of four says that there are several ways that parents can and should still support their children’s education after they have started school. Here are five ways that Tiez suggests parents help their children to succeed:

1. Teach your children the importance of reading and to read as much as they can.

One of the best ways to ensure that your children do well in school is to make sure that they read enough when they are at home, according to Tietz. She adds that parents should provide reading material on a variety of subjects for their children to learn.

2. Don’t leave your children’s education entirely up to their teachers.

Parents should always be on the lookout for extra learning material, even if they don’t home-school their children full time. The mother of four adds that there are many resources that parents should check out and if parents don’t know where to start, they could try looking online for resources.

3. Know what your child is being taught in their school.

The former public school teacher believes that parents should have discussions with their children and their teachers about what they learn in school and find out if the can supplement that education in some way. She adds that parents should listen to what their children find exciting about learning and discover some way to enrich that learning process at home.

4. Obtain all you can from various sources to help to educate your children more.

Tietz believes that learning experiences can come from almost anything and parents should keep a wide array of things that might interest their children. She adds that it could be anything from a CD collection to various board games.

5. Show your children how exciting it is to learn new things.

The former public school teacher firmly believes that learning does not end in school and parents have a duty to continue their child’s education at home. She adds that parents should learn new things along with their children as this will encourage them to enjoy the learning process and prepare them for their life ahead.

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