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How Dads Can Get Actively Involved In Home-schooling

By Nigel Boys

According to, although most homeschooling fathers may have a regular job to attend and usually leave their wives in charge of their children’s education, there are some who are taking an active part in teaching their children at home.

The website, dedicated to family education, goes on to state that many fathers today are playing an active role in their children’s education and are not satisfied with just being informed of their child’s progress by their wives when they come home.

In a question and answer study of homeschooling fathers, most of the responses they received were that fathers were now taking more interest in their children’s education, even if they have full time employment.

The study suggests that while some of the families, those usually having a well-thought out plan for their homeschooling, are content with the usual role of dad going to work and mom staying at home teaching the children, others are sitting down with their spouses at the end of the day to discuss new techniques.

The report continues that while one homeschooling dad, whose wife takes on the main responsibility of teaching their 7 children, comes home from work and gives assignments for research projects and tutors his teenagers, another who is a full time physician, spends at least 3 hours per day helping his wife with their children’s education.

However, if both parents are employed full time, how can they share the responsibility of educating their children? According to the study, some couples are helping one another by one parent taking over the duties of transporting the kids where they need to go during the day and working nights, while the other works during the day.

Another way working fathers can help their children, according to homeschooling father of a teenage son, Jonathan Levy, is to just play a supporting role for their kids. He adds that while his teenage son has definite aims for his education, he just supports and encourages him to reach those goals.

Terry Matilsky, homeschooling father of five, who has adopted a rather unconventional method of teaching his children, or “unschooling,” said that he feels that he has been blessed to be a part of his children’s education, even if it is not what some would call traditional learning.

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