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Does The Thought of Home-schooling Through High School Intimidate You?

By Nigel Boys

According to Sarah Small, blogger for, too many homeschooling parents worry about what they will do when their children reach high school, instead of just enjoying their children while they are young.

The mother of three children goes on to write that, in the past, when children reached the age for high school, most homeschooling parents used to stop teaching their children at home and send them to public schools. She adds that since then times have changed and more parents are taking on the responsibility of continuing their children’s education.

The mother who has her own blogspot, Small World at Home, continues that many resources are now available on the Internet that will help parents continue to home-school their children. She adds that help with the important topics such as English, history, math and science are openly available as well others, such as art, drama and computer learning, to name but a few.

However, the homeschooling mom is not decrying public schools, in fact, she believes, that in some instances, that may be the best option for your children at any grade level. She adds that she has found, from personal experience, that homeschooling works for her family.

Small believes that while some parents decide to send their children to public schools to further their children’s education, it doesn’t mean that they have failed in their homeschooling. She says that some homeschooling parents place their children in public schools because they feel that they cannot continue to give their children the best education possible at home.

The New York homeschooling mom goes on to provide a few tips for continuing your children’s education at home.

1. While your kids are still young, fifth grade or below, don’t worry too much about what might happen when they are older, just keep enjoying what you are doing at home, while you still can.

2. When your kids have a couple of grades experience, start to make a plan of what you will do next by talking with other home-schooling parents who have gone through that stage.

3. While your kids are in their last year before high school, although you might have to become a little more strict with regards to their curriculum, don’t forget that homeschooling is supposed to be fun for both parents and children.

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