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Is Your School-Age Child Gifted? Here is How You Can Tell

By Nigel Boys

According to, if your child is showing signs of boredom with school or even before they get to that stage, they might be more gifted than you think and it’s worth testing them to find out for sure.

Some of the signs of gifted children, according to the expert advice on baby issues, are: if they are more advanced in reading; can easily grasp mathematical problems; can discuss complex topics such as religion or morals; can use and understand complex words; always seems to be the leader of other children; prefer the company of older children than those of their own age; can easily memorize things they are taught; and are compassionate toward others’ feelings.

If your child exhibits any or several of these traits, you might want to get them professionally tested. Then you can help your child if they are too far advanced, when compared to others of their age, and might want to talk to their teachers about changing their curriculum.

According to Peter Rosenstein, former executive director of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), the easiest way to have your child tested, is to ask their school’s administrators. He adds that most schools have facilities for testing gifted children and are usually happy to oblige parents on this matter.

Another way of having your child tested is to go to a private child psychologist, although this method can be expensive, it might be done quicker. It might also be wiser to take your child to someone who is not personally involved with their education and can give an objective opinion.

In the past, a child was considered to be gifted if they scored more than 130 on an IQ test, on that information alone. However, nowadays, before a child is declared to be gifted, it is usual practice to ask the child’s parents and teachers for their evaluation of the child’s performance.

Even if your child scores lower than average on an IQ test, or they appear to have some disability in learning certain things, don’t dismiss them as not gifted because they just might have a natural gift in another area.

If you suspect that your child may have a gift for something out of the ordinary, it might be a good idea to have them tested by a professional psychologist who is trained to look for signs that a child is gifted in another direction.

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