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Tips For Home-schooling Moms To Protect Their Marriage

By: Krystle Crossman

It can be tough to be a home-school teacher, a mother or father, a homemaker, and a wife/husband all at the same time. Sometimes you end up giving more of your attention and your energy to the kids and the housework and then at the end of the day your spouse is the one who suffers. This can lead to the end of a marriage if you are not careful. So how do you safeguard your marriage while you are doing all of these things?

1. Spend plenty of time together: It is hard to get out for a dinner or out for a night by yourselves when you have kids unless you want to pay a ton of money for a babysitter. Instead, have a date night in your house. Order pizza for dinner, let the kids play or if they are older have them go over to a friend’s house. Then go into your room and just hang out. Watch movies, play card games, cuddle and talk, whatever you want to do. Just spend the time together.

2. Read: There are a ton of books about how to keep your marriage fresh and happy such as The Power of a Positive Wife by Karol Ladd, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, or Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll.

3. Travel together: Even if it is just for a night or two, arrange for the kids to stay with their grandparents or a family friend’s house and take off. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, a night at a bed and breakfast can do wonders. If you can get away for a week, even better. The time together without interruption can be extremely beneficial to a marriage.

4. Monthly dates: Go on a date night every month. Plan ahead with a babysitter or having sleepover swap offs with other families. Get dressed up and get out and do something fun.

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