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Why It Is a Good Idea For Kids To Play Sports

By: Krystle Crossman

Not only is getting your child into a sport great for their health, but it helps them with a few different life skills as well that they can carry on as they grow. Playing sports keeps them busy, active, and teaches them about different things in life that can help them with work and relationships down the road.

1. Building character – You are not always going to win. Your child needs to learn that losing is okay and that they just have to keep practicing and do their best. If you let a child win all of the time they will come to expect to win at everything, so it is good when they lose every now and then. They need to learn humility and accepting that they did their best and just have to try again. Don’t let them be afraid of failing and never let them give up.

2. Setting goals – When your child plays sports you can have them set certain goals and then celebrate when they achieve them. For example, if they play baseball, have them set a goal of hitting a single. Then try for a double after they have done that. If they run track, set time goals. Start small and then the goals can get bigger and the sense of accomplishment will be better.

3. Overcoming adversity – There are children that don’t always like the sport that they are playing or they think that they aren’t good enough at it because of something that is a part of them. Let them know that overcoming that feeling is one of the best things that they can do and it will be an inspiration to others who may have the same feelings that they do.

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One thought on “Why It Is a Good Idea For Kids To Play Sports

  1. A. G.

    This is so true! My 2 grandsons play basketball and baseball, they stay so busy in the fall, winter and spring doing their sports and school work they don’t have time to do wrong because their mom and day are right there with them.


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