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Why Black Men’s Health, Relationships More Likely to Fail

By: Krystle Crossman

The National Institute of Child and Human Development has conducted research that shows that black men may be at a severe disadvantage later in life if they experienced any kind of adversity when they were children. A team of sociologists combed through data from the Americans Changing Lives project and found some interesting facts about being a disadvantaged youth.

The data was pulled from 3,477 Americans. They were all aged 25 or older and they were either white or black. Every one of these participants were interviewed four times over the course of 15 years. They answered questions on the interview about their childhoods, parents’ marital problems, violence in the home, and other domestic issues. They were also asked to talk about their life as an adult and some of the challenges that they may have faced or hardships that they have come across, such as divorce, financial problems, work issues, or the death of someone close to them.

What the researchers found after analyzing this data was that the differences between the two races were very pronounced. Black males were 28% more likely to have a hard childhood which lead to negative effects in adulthood that were three times more prevalent than in white males. With the women they found that white women were healthier than black women, but there was no explanation that they could see as their childhoods did not differ as much as the males. The researchers feel that this may be because women are more open to getting support and talking about their issues, which is good for protecting their health.

A traumatic childhood could bring on stressors that affect the person later in life, almost like a case of PTSD. They carry that stress with them through their lives and whenever it is triggered again, it adds more stress that they may already have which is bad for your health.

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One thought on “Why Black Men’s Health, Relationships More Likely to Fail

  1. Tonya Dakari

    I have come to realize that God is my informer. These stastics that are being written are written by whites. They have to continue to make themselves feel superior. When we go to any health facuilty 9 times out of ten it is a white male or female doctor. If they see two or three black men or women with any illness they will proclaim it as a epidemic in the communities of african descent. We as people of african descent have got to stop putting so much trust in these whites just because they may have the economic clout at this time. Our lives and our health must take priority. Do not be afraid to question your doctor, and if they become to rude or ansie, leave they are doctor you do not need to take care of you. God did not create us to worship white people. We respect not worship them.


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