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How To Treat ADHD Without Making Kids Pop Pills

By: Krystle Crossman

Children with ADHD can be a handful. They are hyper, they lose focus, they do not like to sit for long periods of time, and can be very loud at times. Many doctors will give them medication and send them on their way. While some of the medications may alter the child’s behavior, many parents do not want their child on medication and are curious as to whether there are other ways to treat them.

There have been studies and research done to try and figure out whether a diet high in sugar is the cause of ADHD or if it fuels the symptoms that are already there. When the child eats sugar it rapidly enters the bloodstream and the child is very hyper. Ben Feingold, MD, came up with a diet that he said would help a child with ADHD symptoms even though many different scientific studies disproved this. Parents who have tried it said that they have noticed improvement.

The Feingold Diet is based on eliminating foods that are thought to cause ADHD symptoms or heighten them to a point that is beyond control. Some of the biggest things that are eliminated from the diet are artificial food dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavorings. Parents can eliminate the foods that they feel are causing their child to be so hyper to try and make a difference in their behavior. Experts say however that it is not about the foods that they are removing when they are doing this diet with their child, it is about the extra attention that the child is getting from their parent.

Parents who decide to try this diet should use caution with how restrictive they are as you don’t want to eliminate important nutrients from the child’s diet.

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