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How to Effectively Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem as They Grow

By: Krystle Crossman

Your child’s self-esteem is a very important thing to protect. As your child grows you should help them to build good self-esteem and a good self-image so that they will be armed with confidence once they are in school. When they are infants they don’t really have a sense of self but you can help to lay the foundation by giving them tons of smiles and cuddles. This will make them feel like they are loved.

A toddler is beginning to have a sense of who they are and a hold of their emotions. They still view themselves as you view them so make sure that you are giving them plenty of positive emotions and responding to them when they are showing their emotions. Here are some things you can do for your toddler:

– Tell them how special you think they are. Make sure they know that they are an important and valued person in your life.
– Give your child a chance to say no. If you ask them if they want to eat their veggies, let them say no. They will not get dessert and will see that there are consequences but will also see that they have the power to be able to make their own decisions.
– Let them make decisions within reason to help them learn how to make responsible choices.
– Coach them through sticky incidents but do not tell them how to solve the problem entirely. They need to learn how to problem solve.

Preschool children know who they are and are aware that they are in charge of their bodies and choices to an extent. They need reassurance such as “you are the best reader around!” but also need to know that other people can do important things as well. Let them know that while one person may be better at doing something than they are, they have more knowledge in another skill.

Once your children are in primary school they are aware of others and they will compare themselves to others. Here are some ways to help them through difficult times:

– Give them extra love and assurance when they get home.
– Focus on the things they are really good at and make sure they know how proud of them you are.
– Support them through schoolwork and homework.
– Speak with their teacher often. If you can get a sense of how they are doing in school you will be able to help them more at home.
– Watch for any signs of bullying so you can help to stop it before it gets bad.
– Teach them how to play fair.

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