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Out of Control Child? How to Tame Their Tantrum in Three Easy Steps

By: Krystle Crossman

Jo Frost is best known in American households as “Supernanny” but she is an author as well. She has just put out her seventh book on parenting. She gives parents advice to everyday issues and in this latest book she speaks about calming down a child who is having a major meltdown.

When a child throws an insane temper tantrum in a store or on an airplane, how do you react? Do you shake your head and think quietly to yourself that their parent needs to learn how to control them or do you feel bad for the parent that has to deal with such an unruly child? Frost says that it is sad to see that our country has come to the point where when a child is throwing a tantrum they end up getting what they want so that their parents can get out of an embarrassing situation. She recalled a time that she was on an airplane that got turned around and sent back to the airport because there was a child throwing a tantrum on the plane and the parents could not control them.

Frost breaks down tantrums into three categories:

– Situational: For example, when a child doesn’t want to put away their toys when they are asked to.
– Mock: The child is trying to get something from the parents.
– Emotional: The result of something going on at home such as a death in the family or a new sibling.

She states that once you are able to figure out why your child is having a meltdown you need to do something that is hard to do. Frost calls it S.O.S. She says you need to step back, observe, and then step in. This will allow you to see the bigger picture of why the child is throwing a tantrum and what it is that they are so upset about. Once you have done this and observed their behavior you will be able to solve the issue more promptly. Discipline is a part of parenting. Even if you were scarred as a child for the discipline that you received you need to remember that you can choose different ways to punish your child but it needs to be done. Respect them and they will respect you.

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