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SAT To Go Back to 1600 Point Scale and Another Surprise

By: Krystle Crossman

In the spring of 2016 the SATs will be changing. They are going back to the 1,600 point system that was previously used before 2005. There is now an essay question that goes along with the test as well however that is an optional part of the test. The verbal and math portions will take three hours to complete and then they give 50 minutes for the essay if you choose to do it.

Another big change is that when someone gets a question wrong they no longer get points taken away, they just don’t get any more points added to their totals. The price of the test has not yet been determined.

College Board is the company that owns the SAT. Their president David Coleman (who joined in 2012) is going to be presenting the outline of the new format for the test at the SXSWedu conference. The reason for these changes is to stop the SAT prep that has been deemed unfair to students who spend hours tirelessly studying for this one test and falling behind in their more important schoolwork. It is now designed so that there is less pressure and focus falls more on learning what you can while you are in school and taking it all in instead of cramming for a test that you take once.

They are also making the test clearer and easier to understand than ever. They want to all but eliminate the need for people to spend a ton of money on SAT prep courses. Mr. Coleman has even offered up some information on the essay question. You read a passage that is part of the test and then they want you to respond to that passage. They want to know how you feel about it and construct an answer that tells about how the author is trying to persuade the readers into agreeing with them by using facts and evidence.

Coleman states that the SAT and the ACT tests have become disjointed from what is being taught in school and is making it that much harder for the students to feel like they can pass it. The hope is that students will focus more on what they are learning in school as opposed to trying to cram a bunch of information into their heads in a short amount of time.

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